Couch to 5K

Week 4, Run 1... and the victory of willpower

Looks like I made it to week 4. Nearly halfway there! Cannot believe it!

5 minutes of running... If I'm looking at the next weeks (8 minutes, 20 minutes!), that seems a piece of cake (not really). Hmmm, at least I'll have a fancy breakfast at a café with my best friend to look forward to once I'm done. And getting up at 7 (out at 8) when the sun is still low and everything is quiet is very nice. Also it's a public holiday, which means it's even quieter.

This time I chose to make a turn left and run into the woods for the better part of the first 5 minute run and the 3 minute back. This does not only mean shadow but also softer surfaces. I've gone to running on the sides of the roads instead of on the pavement now too (whenever possible).

The first 5 minute run started quite good, but I was misjudging the time and when Laura said I've done 2,5 minutes I nearly said "What!? Not longer!?" out loud. But only nearly! ;) At least I have an idea on how long 5 minutes are and it is really quite a bit longer in distance too!

During the 3 minute run back I was telling myself that I've done 5 minutes and got through them okay and by the time I was on the last 5 minutes, it was a matter of sheer willpower. My body would work perfectly - speed was good and not too fast, breathing was good, no stitches, no pains - only my mind would constantly go "How long now? How long now? Are we there yet?". I need to turn that off. Sometimes I managed by concentrating on the street and where I wanted to go, but mainly on the last run that was very, very hard!

At least I know what to expect for the next two runs and I know that I can do it! But my respect for everyone who already did 8 minutes (or, well, every minute more of course) grew with every step! Let's see how I'm talking time time next week! ;)

Off to my well-deserved breakfast now!

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Well done, enjoy your breakfast! You deserve it! I'm on W4R1 next, so it's nice to hear how you got on :)


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