Couch to 5K

Disaster strikes!!

I set off for my run this morning W3R2 and I noticed I only had 1 bar on my battery, thought it would last ok though...WRONG! I was just doing the second recovery walk & it cut out! So I thought I'd just try to run & walk to the points that I thought I had in the last run, IT WAS HARD WITHOUT LAURA!

The first think I noticed was the silence, apart for my panting like a dog & my feet slapping the pavement, no wonder people turn around when they hear me coming LOL.

The next thing I noticed was that I wasn't listening to the music, listening for a change in the beat to know I was coming to the end..but instead was thinking, Can I do it? Yes I can...No I can't! It totally threw me, not having the guidence and the encouragment. In the end I decided to just keep running the usual route and heading for the next lamp post, roundabout, bus stop etc.

I came back hot sweaty and out of breathe...I hope I did enough but I'll just see how R3 goes, if I struggle I do it once more!!

Note to self: Keep phone fully charged!! :)

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At least you carried on! I'm a disaster with my phone and always managed to do something to knock it off and even now that I got a shiny new one and can finally use running apps, after 2 months still haven't got the hang of it!

The sound of me breathing is the biggest distraction when my music is gone!


Its the first time this has happened but it's taught me a lesson...I can't do this on my own, I need Laura & I need the music!

I couldn't have given up & gone home, once you've made the effort to get out there, you HAVE to carry on, I couldn't believe how awful I sounded, I need the music to drown me out :)


My mum and i sync Ipods but once I clicked on the wrong podcast and got very confused! Luckily I followed my mum until the recovery and managed to get back on time. I'm not to good with chargers either. :)


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