Couch to 5K

Wish me luck - Race Day this Saturday!

Hello all! I haven't been posting much of late but been lurking around reading everyone's blogs, great to see everyone progressing and all the new ones just starting out :)

I have been keeping up my 5k runs x 3 per week and still loving it. I had a bad week last week as I was ill and only managed one run, put me in a right old mood but back into the swing of things now. I'm hitting around 32-34mins for my 5k so fingers crossed it will go well for my big race on Saturday and I might get down to the 30min mark!

I'm a bit worried about the course as I've never ran it before and unsure if there's hills, I've been trying to incorporate more hills in my training but not quite mastered them yet.

I'm starting the B210K podcasts (thanks Shelley!) next week, it'll be strange going back to intervals again.

Anyway I will report back after my race to let you guys know how it went. Eek!

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Lovely to hear from you and good luck for Saturday!! Looking forward to hearing all about it.



All the very best for Saturday, you sound like you are doing really well.

Look forward to reading an update and getting some tips :)


Good luck!!! Looking forward to hearing how it went :)


Good luck!

Match report please ;-)


all the best for your run you are doing great times! x


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