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My first post!

Hello everyone this is my first post here. I've read lots of blogs on here and it's really inspired me.

I'm on week 4 and did run 2 this morning. I have really really enjoyed the programme so far. But this morning my run was really really tough. The rain was torrential and it was so windy. All the running bits I did seemed to be into the wind and rain and up a hill! I'd borrowed hubby's lightweight leaked - a lot! My trousers were so wet that the weight of them were pulling them down that I had to keep hitching them up. My trainers were sodden.

BUT despite all this and really not wanting to run in the rain I did it. I completed all the runs and although it was tough at the time I feel fab now.

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Hello! Sitting in the car waiting for baby to wake up.... listening to the rain hammering on the roof. Today I had planned to run.... but really in this l????. I could but am I brave enough?No waterproof! But some good tunes downloaded to keep me going.....decisions.....


Good for you - totally feel for you with the holding the trousers up, i had a similar problem last week! x


Well done on making it through all the runs even in such rubbish weather! :)


Great job and welcome to the community.

The weather is putting a downer on things but if you can run in this just imagine the feeling you'll get on a nicer day :)

I run in my usual leggings, when they get wet they don't weigh me down so much as my old tracksuit bottoms. Other half says when I've completed C25K he'll treat me to some proper gear :)


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