Couch to 5K

Wk4 run 2

I have to work away this week so it could have been the end of my running - normally any excuse to stop exercise but the hotel had a treadmill &. I completed wk 4 run 2, thankfully. I also found out that I love running outside not inside, inside is easier, my legs didn't feel like lead but I missed this!!!!

I'm finding wk4 hard can I repeat wk 4 in preparation for wk5!!

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Have a go at W5, if you have done all the podcasts so far you should be prepared, have faith in the plan and you'll be fine.

Of course saying that you should do whatever you feel comfortable with.

I'm an outdoor only runner (lol runner is a very loose description) I think the treadmill would have me go insane, I like the sights and sounds of being outside.

Good luck.


I agree with 7-of-us, give Wk5 a go.


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