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W7r2. Marathon runners running 10 times further than me today

Well I guess I had a good run. 4.18 km which equates to 2.6 miles, run that another 9 times and I've run a marathon.

Looking at my pace counter it was so much better and consistent until the last km then I struggled. First time I considered walking but thankfully I didn't.

We had been out last night and I ran to get the car but didn't take into account it was parked at the top of the hill. I must admit I back tracked for the last 30 seconds so that I ran down the hill. Is that cheating as long as I was running.

Thankfully I can enjoy my day now, hope you all have a good run in the sunshine

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No it's not cheating you were still running :)

Well done on the 4.18 km that's a great speed! :)


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