Couch to 5K

Week 5 Day 3 - definitely a mind game!

So, third time trying (over the last year), FINALLY got W5D3 in the bag, yippeeee!

I think my success this time around is partly to do with me being fitter and lighter than the twice I tried it before, partly being much more determined due to being signed up for the Race for Life next month and really wanting to be able to jog the whole thing, and partly because I've read more about the program, and accepted an awful lot of it is mental.

Yesterday I could so easily have stopped at my usual place I finish up my 8 minute run, and getting over the fact that that wasn't the plan today took a good talking to. I could then have stopped when I got to the hill part of my route and things began to hurt a little, but again, I gave myself a good talking to and focussed on my breathing and carried on. I told myself it was meant to be tough, being tough is perfectly OK, to accept it and push on through. Once I'd got to the top of the hill it was plain sailing again, that is until I got to the place on my route where I'd expecting to finish, but the time wasn't up, so I had to keep going. The last minute was hell, not because I was physically hurting (I was but nothing I couldn't cope with) but because yet again I had to battle with my brain to keep on going.

Once it's done though, the high of overcoming the temptations to stop is just amazing!

I never understood why this run came at this point in the programme when the first couple of runs on week 6 don't see you needing to run for as long.

But now I've done it, I do see the point. It's all about beating that mental barrier, proving that you can keep going and ignore your brain, no matter why it wants you to stop, you don't have to listen to it.

Now, I understand the feeling I've read so many times on here of believing anything is possible, believing I really might become a runner, believing that a 5K run is very much possible.

So, for this revelation I would like to thank week 5 day 3 :)

Bring on week 6......

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Well done, your blog post is what so many W5R3 runners feel and go through.

Good luck for W6, I'm sure you'll be fine :)


Yes it is definitely a case of mind over matter and telling yourself that you can do it - well done! :)


I will be doing W5R3 tomorrow so thanks for this timely blog. It will give me a boost not to stop. I have planned a new route so I'm not expecting to walk anywhere (hah, take that brain!) and I have made a twenty minute playlist of my favourite tunes (Sorry Laura, I can't tackle this with your usual offerings). I feel very up for this - bring on tomorrow.


Well done-I did my 20 minute run yesterday too and was so proud when I finished. The start was particularly hard for me as last week I was running on fields and gravel in the country but was back in the city this week and running on tarmac again so the legs hurt for the first five minutes. It definitely is mental as the first 10 minutes dragged but once I was over the half way point it went in much quicker. Also I thought I'd be in pain to day but virtually no stiffness. Onwards and upwards to week 6!


Woop de doo - a whole bunch of new 20 minute veterans. Doesn't it feel great? Nothing can stop you now!


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