Favorite time for running?

Personally I like first thing in the morning - it gives you a boost of energy for the rest of the day.

Plus you are less likely to run into dog-walkers (don't get me started) and the like

Plus it is always quite nice to be on your homeward stretch and see the sun started to come up

Would welcome other people's thoughts on the matter


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18 Replies

  • I'm the same. I'm up at 5.30 some mornings and its my favourite time to run.

  • Never tried it - I normally run after work and before dinner - but I think I ought to! I'm really not a morning person but in my new job next year I'll be expected at Morning Prayer at 8am every day, so I'd better get used to it..... :-)

  • I am in favour of morning runs to although i have done several day time runs so I can get used to other people being about and it being warmer. The mornings are best for me, its cooler, no one else about and run before food which suits me but its a personal thing - (I also get the energy boost for the day - great!)

  • before 8am is good - but it's a bit kid dependent as hubby is a musician and sleeps until about 10.

  • Early morning is perfect for me as its great to see the sun coming up !

  • My park opens at 8am so when I run outside I'm usually in there a few minutes after. Love running in the morning :)

  • I prefer early mornings, though I have to make do with whatever kid-free time I get.

    It definitely puts me in a better mood for the day.

  • I mix mornings, late afternoons and I've done a few evenings. I like mornings and before eating best, especially Sundays ( and especially this Sunday coming... ;) )

  • although my mornings are after 0730 lol I don't like it much if there are 2 x 6 o clock's in the day lol

  • I've only tried mornings, I don't really feel inclined to try later in the day - I don't have the same motivation then and mornings seem more quiet, whether on the treadmill at the gym or outdoors.

  • Mornings at the weekend! lovely start to the day and can have a lazy treat of bacon butty on return! In week after work before dinner and to lose the work stress/be smiley for the family!!

  • Mornings early is its sunny or before 1100 if not.

  • Straight after work is best for me - helps me mentally leave work behind and 'wakes' me up after tiring and stressful day. But I have to say, I do love Sunday morning runs before the rest of the world is out and about.

  • I combine dog walking and C25K (the challenges of which are a whole 'nother discussion) My session times are on the way back from the school run, before lunch or late afternoon. Although possibly came unstuck a bit with before lunch yesterday as I got a bit lost, had a longer walk back to the car than planned and almost blacked out.

  • I also prefer mornings,I usually get up at 5.30 am so can fit it in before work, I think if I left it until after work I would talk myself out of it cos I have tea to make and cleaning etc etc. Also I run around local fields and it is beautiful in the morning seeing the mist rising and hearing the birds singing, feel more energetic and ready for whatever each day has in store for me!

  • I prefer to go first thing in the morning but if I am wokring have to go after as I leave for work at 4:55am. It does leave you feeling energised for the day!

  • I do like the mornings but I have found that since hitting the longer runs in week 8 & 9 I am struggling more at that time. I used to get up and go straight out on my days off without any food but now I seem to run out of steam and am desperate for 30 mins to be up.

    On the days I run after work I usually finish my 30 mins, can find the energy for at least another 2-3 mins and still a bit of speed at the end too so I'm putting it down to lack of fuel in the morning. Will need to work out how to fit in some food before I go out I think if I'm going to keep going early and since I also really enjoy the cooler temp at that time it's going to be more of an issue as we head to summer.

  • I tend to run first thing in the morning. Some mornings I'll wake really early feeling almost excited if it's a run day! I'll occasionally do evenings to fit a run in on a particular day but morning seems to work best for me.

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