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I cheated on Laura today!

Since graduating a couple of weeks ago I have had Week 9 and Laura on a loop and have completed several 5k runs around the 30 minute mark. Repeating the same podcast has become a little tedious and so today for the first time I would used the Nike +GPS app. The good news is I once again did 5k in just under 30 minutes the bad news is that I really missed Laura’s reassuring voice. I also messed up the music play list, with the Rocky theme tune coming on after I started my 5 minute cool down walk! It was supposed to be my motivational finish music and push me on during the 3 minutes of my run. Still I finished my walk with a swagger to ‘Stayin Alive’ by the Bee Gees:)

So c’mon Laura my question is simple when are you bringing out a new podcast for us graduates? I really am one girl at a time type of a guy you know:)

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ha ha love it. I ditched Laura at week 5! she's lovely but her choice of music quite frankly does not get me going like a bit of the rocky theme tune ha ha. I like you always mess my playlist up. I hade the duelling banjos on min 4 of the walk cool down and ended up doing another two mins running ha ha. well done for graduating though, I have one more to do


I graduated on March 10th and have continued running, covering 5k at least 3 times a week using the week 9 podcast. All in the mind I know but I felt I wouldn't be able to do it without my Laura "comfort blanket" Best time for my 5k was 32mins however last night i bit the bullet and ran to my 50 floor fillers tracks, it was liberating, I knocked 2 mins off my time and also ran an extra 3 minutes. Well chuffed


I just finished "week 10" last night. For the first 2 post graduation runs I could not bring myself to part with Laura but by yesterday I couldn't bear the thought of listening to the same podcast yet again.

I had pre-prepared a playlist for my new iPod (gift to self on graduating) so yesterday went off to my own music, did 30 mins........ and completed a full 5k for the very first time. I blame the faster beat of my own music as I didn't really even notice I was any faster until I got to my usual finish point with 2 mins still to run!

So, with grateful thanks to Laura for convincing me I could do this it is so long for now as I have fun putting together my own playlists and maybe adding a few minutes more to my runs.

See you at the next podcasts though!


Managed 29minutes for 5k this morning and finished to the Rocky theme tune, result!!


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