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Can't believe I'm at Week 8!

Like a lot of people on here I'm one of those who could never run. I'm not saying I find it easy now but tomorrow I will attempt to run for 28 minutes without stopping - after already achieving 25 there's no reason why I can't and no reason why I can't run 30 minutes and complete C25K! It's unbelievable really but I'm so glad I came across this plan otherwise I would still be under the misconception that I can't run!

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I always thought that I couldn't run and now I'm about to graduate as you will very soon - great feeling isn't it!! :)

Good luck with the 28 min run - yes you can do it! :)


:) good luck with your 28 mins


I have just finished my week 3 and can't say I've found it easy but it is rewarding to know you have done it. I am no where near the 5k but I am running the time and pleased at that


Good luck with the 28 can do it! I'm on w8r2 and if I can do it, so can you, honestly.

Carry on listening to lovely laura, and smile when you hear the julie song!


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