W5 R1 completed - and I don't feel like collapsing :-)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I'm amazed by how well this programme works. I'm feeling so pleased with myself for running three lots of five minutes. Slowly, but without stopping. As ever, I didn't really want to go out, but I always feel better once I've done it...but I tell myself that, if I don't go out, I'll regret it, but if I do go out, I'll never regret it (unless I swallow a fly or slip in the mud or something unfortunate like that, but fingers crossed it won't happen!).

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  • Well done :-) Really pleased for you, sounds like we're both on a high today :-D

  • Indeed...I don't like to blow my own trumpet, and I normally don't, but what we've done is amazing. Well done us!

  • brilliant. I am actually looking forward to trying week 5. Who'd have thought it!

  • Best of luck with it. Love the picture!

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