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Aaarrggghh Shin splints again! Is it only me that gets them??


I have just completed week 1 and I love it so far! The only problem is that I have got shin splints again, I say again because every time I try to start running I get them, then give up. This time, I thought that doing it the sensible way, with a proper program I can take it easy and it'll be fine.....wrong! I watch all these large people on 'Biggest Loser' running without any problems...why me?

I have self-diagnosed a little & think I run a little flat footed & also over-pronate a bit...not a great combination for a budding runner :)

I have ordered some new trainers off the internet (I live in the Canary Islands) so they should arrive any day, I bought some insoles for extra support and I have been doing stretches...I am sat, at this very moment sat with ice packs on (just completed the 3rd run of week 1)

What I would like to know is, is there anybody out there that has over come this problem...and how?

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I get them from time to time (started c25k 18 months ago or so) my lower legs are persistent weak spots for me and more than a few others who frequent these parts.

I am afraid I found the only way to deal with them is to sort out my weak and stiff lower leg muscles; if you search "shins can we fix them" or similar on this site then you I posted a bit of an essay about how I work through it.

Stretching and loosening for all the leg muscles and a stregthening regime along side the running (and having good shoes to run in of course) was all I could do - old fashioned but seemed effective. No magic bullet for me. I also have to go through it every time I step up a distance as my cardio fitness seems to exceed the strength of my weak and feeble calf muscles ;-)

I am not sure if it helps a lot but you are far from alone and it is defeatable just takes a bit of time and consistent effort but way worth it.


Here, these worked for me....


Thank you Greg, I'll give it a little look. The only thing that worries me, is that all the info I have found on web say, complete rest...I want to run!! :)

Anyway, it's nice to hear from somebody else who has beat it. Hopefully, as I get lighter I won't be putting such a strain on my poor shins!


Well a bit of that too I guess, it depends on how high it registers on your ouchometer and only you can judge that bit.

Good luck with it, it wll be OK just needs some work.



I had exactly the same problem and I invested in a pair of compression socks. They worked a treat I carried on runnig and after 2 weeks they were no longer required.


Thanks Mark, I am googling them right now!


Ok so I managed W2R1 today with twinges from the shins, but bareable...but now I've got really bad hip my body rejecting running? I was really trying to concentrate on my running technic; heel, toe, heel, toe etc...maybe I was trying too hard and have put strain on my hips..? So now I am sat with ice on the shins & hip pain ( I've taken ibuprofen)...whatever next grrr ;) By the way, the running bit was fine, had plenty of energy, just the body that couldn't keep up :(


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