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Been Bear Hunting for Easter

If anyone tells you running is healthy for you, they lie. I am like Renton from Trainspotting, looking for the next hit.

I ast ran on the 4th April, so I shoud have had a run out on the 6th but I was in Cambridge and so I thought I would wait.

So I am now at my in-laws and it's Sunday, I woke up at 5:30 this morning, and I had my kit in the car, so I sneaked out of my in-laws house like a dirty scum bag addict and got changed on their drive way, leaving my wife and children asleep upstairs.

But come on folks before you judge me for my dirty habit, there was a job to do. I know Tunbridge Wells has it's own ninja, but I had to do a bear patrol. I haven't heard aout bears in Tunbridge Wells, but you can never be sure.

So off I trotted keeping an eye out at 6 am looking for bears.

I posted a couple of days ago my achy knees, which was making me sad. However, this morning, they felt good, no wooden knee at all. Ok first 10 minutes a bit stiff, but loosened up.

I cleared 6.8km so happy ans I can safely report Tunbridge Wells is now safe from bears.

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Ahh committed bear hunter, job well done, all sleep soundly in comfort and safety knowing that bear patrol is ongoing

clearly word has got round the bear community that they should lie low...


Its good to know that you're sorting out bears in Tunbridge, I'd heard that they'd had trouble in the past! He he, I have this vision of you sneaking out in your undies and pulling on your kit outside - it would have looked so very wrong if anyone had happened to pass by at the wrong moment :-) Love it!


An afternoon update, no bears in Southborough either.




You're doing so well - 6.8km is brilliant! well done


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