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oh come on Mr Ramblings!!

anyway... While we wait... :)

Wk8 r3 done :) it was a tough one today, although I think that is entirely my fault lol my new friend tells me I've added a few inches to my distance 3.64k now :) and apparently I'm averaging a little over 12 min miles :)

the graph tells me I actually spent the first 5 mins of todays run flirting with a consistent 10 min pace lol

going out too quick to sustain it, slowing it down when I realise I can't keep it up and limping to the finish lol

deeply frustrated with route as not long enough, getting fed up of looping back on myself (another sign I've lost the plot, how come I'm now grumpy my route is not LONG enough? 7 weeks ago I could barely do half!) arrived back at home just finishing the running and had to grab friends dog to take for a walk to do the walk down part

one week to graduation folks, one week, 3 runs... Oh my gosh... :)

anyway will be extra attentive to the blogs today for the big reveal news :)

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I think I've been running a bit too fast at the beginning too, especially on w8r1 as I knackered myself quite quickly, so I'm a bit apprehensive of starting too fast on tomorrow's run which I may do outside.

Love that you now consider your usual route too short, I went for an hours walk yesterday and didn't even think of it as exercise, in days gone past I would have thought an hour's walk was a major achievement!

Here's to us for our last week :)


I run too fast at the start as well. Checked my stats out on garmin connect and I'm definalty alot faster over the first KM

Not long till you both graduate. Look forward to reading your graduation blogs. Make sure you've practiced your celebration dance & whooping :)


When I run with my daughter I start too fast as she runs so quickly but soon the gap between us really opens up and I have to slow right down to complete. She is just starting week 5 so I doubt we will ever run next to each other unless she feels very kind :)

Only 3 runs before your graduation, that is fantastic. :)


Sounds like your new gadget is a very cool tool to have.

I laughed at you moaning about the length of your route, guess it shows what great progress you have made.


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