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GPS wrist/heart monitor thinggies, worth it or not?

I know I'm only at week four so not a real runner yet but I am already addicted and fear running is going to become an obsession.

Its my birthday in 2 weeks and was thinking about asking for a Garmin Forerunner 410 (£150 on Amazon) for my present, are they really worth it? Does anyone have one or similar and use it or is it just a gadget?

I am a gadget girl and don't want to ask DOH for yet aother cool bit of kit that is just going to gather dust because its a pain to use.

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Hi Mirella, I'm asking myself the same question. I've heard lots of complaints about GPS gadgets not being accurate, and if they aren't accurate then the free Map My Run is a helluva lot cheaper! But after C25K I'd like smehting similar to keep me going, and some of these gadgets have training progs. I'd like to keep going to 10k, with someone like Laura whispering into my ear! If you go for the Garmin, keep me posted!


Hi Chris

Decided to ask for one, DOH has just ordered it and will report back once its on my wrist and running.

I had problems using map my run, found it kept hanging and took ages to load the page, so I use run my route. I think its a bit more user-friendly if a little old fashioned looking.


I've got a Garmin 110 and love it (it's still a novelty!) and i'm definatley not a gadget girl. On a day to day basis really easy to use and i find it much better than having to fiddle with my phone. It was about £110 I think and does all that I need it to...other models have more stuff on them but i just wanted to measure time, distance and pace. You could even wear it as a watch if you wanted too.

Oh and by the way...the fact that you are out there doing it does make you a proper runner what ever week you are on!!! :)


Thanks Ali.

Just ordered the 410 mainly because of the wireless download.


you have done the right thing ;-)


Well Jel as they say in Essex! ;)


Ooooohhhh! Toy! I want one, I want one! :-)


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