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Week6 run1

I thought this would be a doddle after the 20 min run of week5 run3. But I found it quite hard at the end. Not sure why. My breathing was ok but my legs felt like lead. Does that ever go I wonder? In the early days of running I would run out of breath before the legs got tired and now it's the exact opposite. Any kind of hill (or let's be honest, incline however small) really affects me. I need flat ground or even a lovely bit of down hill to propel me along!!! Haven't looked up the next run yet. Might just let it be a surprise for me tomorrow night!

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Know what you mean by hills...all my inclines (thats what they are really) are like mountains that need climbing and I find them all hard!

Lots of people find the first run of week 6 tough so you are not alone. Well done on completing it!! Good luck with tomorrows run.,


i did mine this morning and felt exactly the same.... but was chuffed at the end managed to get to the end thats all that matters lol


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