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I finished week 9 about 3 weeks ago. It actually took me 10 weeks because I did it all on a treadmill but ran outside around week 6 and pulled a calf muscle. At week 9 I ran outside again and pulled the same muscle again, and since then I've ran outside 3 more times and pulled a muscle every single time, including just now when I didn't even make it past my next door neighbour before it went ping (the other leg this time). I've tried stretching, warming up then stretching, cross training then stretching, everything I can think of. It's really frustrating because I WANT to run and can't, because I'm hobbling about like an old man! I missed our local park run and Sport Relief, both of which I wanted to do, because I'm permanently crippled. I have to say, I've always had the weediest skinniest legs imaginable. No, really. My partner calls me "chicken legs" and so-called friends have made jokes about bits of string hanging out of my shorts (my legs again) so maybe I just need to build them up more on the treadmill before venturing outside? They do look *a bit* better than they did, and I had no problems on the treadmill whatsoever. Perhaps I need some compression socks?

Anyway, sorry for the rant, I just needed to vent my frustration!

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I wonder why it hurts outside but not on the treadmill. Does the surface you are running on make that difference? It is frustrating when so much work goes into getting fit and able to do the 30 minutes but it takes so little to knock you off track. I know the internet can be a minefield of misinformation but I'm sure there are lots of genuine sites with information that might help you overcome this calf muscle problem. I used compression tights today, a pair I acquired when I was in hospital for an op, I think they might have made a difference in that my legs didn't ache any more after the run than they did before. If you do try the compression socks it would be interesting to hear how you get on with them.


It may be worth taking a bit of physio advice. They can advise you about strengthening and loosening regimens.

What it also does is make you feel like a proper runner! Visiting a sports injury clinic and all! Proper hatdcore :-D

There are plenty about, if you have a sweatshop near you they run a reasonably priced clinic out of their premises from time to time (at least in Woking). I thought it was fascinating and got a bit of sports massage at the dame time.


Have you tried gradually increasing the incline on the treadmill to get used to hills ? Also, I wonder if your shoes are suitable for running outside - perhaps the impact is harsher ? I'd take Greg's advice and see a sports physio - my boss sent me to his sports physio once, when I'd put my back out and the bloke was a miracle worker. Well worth the £35 fee (more so for me 'cos the boss paid the bill !) Compression socks may also be worth considering.

Good luck !


Boo :( What a bugger, Hope it gets better soon, very odd that it's just running outside that does it, can't really understand that but it may be your shoes? All the best, Get better soon ;)


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