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Done W6R3, but it wasnt easy!

I have decided that iv got to stop pushing myself! these last few weeks have been manic for me (Alot of assignments to hand in, not fun) but iv always managed to squeeze in my run every other day. After W6R2 i was feeling confident, but i came down with a stomach bug overnight. I have got to stop buying reduced food (the joys of student life). Anyway i was tucked up in bed all of yesterday but woke up this morning feeling pretty good, so i decided to do run 3. As i started off i was doing okay, but then i started feeling queasy about 5 minutes in. Probably should of stopped then, but i carried on going at the slowest pace ever. Every step i took, my head was saying 'its okay, walk a few steps, you can repeat this podcast on sunday instead' but I didnt, and i finished it! Although now i feel quite sick. Gonna take a few days off and start week 7 on monday hopefully!

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Well done for finishing it! Take it easy over the weekend and then you should feel better for Monday's run :)


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