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Is it cheating (or inadvisable) to cycle on a rest day ?

I haven't cycled since last summer but I'm think of cycling to work on two of my "rest" days each week. It's approx eight miles each way, with uphills and downhills in each direction. It used to take me about 45 minutes each way. I've been naughty a couple of times and run on consecutive days - I thought cycling on rest days might stop me being tempted to run ( I wouldn't have time to do both!) It'll also save me some fuel money :-)

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Cycling on "rest days" is fine. It's called "active resting", where you do any other activity than running. Cycling is non-impact so does not impinge on your leg joints the same way that running does. Go for it!!



Oh good ! Thank you :-)


I agree cycling is fine, whereas cheating and running on rest days is not... I've done just that by sneaking a couple of extra runs in over the last couple of weeks and I'm so wishing I hadn't now, in absolute agony with my knees.

Please learn from my mistake and do the cycling so you don't get tempted into extra runs :-)


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