I've fallen for this race!


Hello peoples!

It's been ages and i'm dreadfully out of touch aGain, i do hope everyone's super fine and dandy .... i wanted you to see this ... i simply LOVE the concept ....

The first of these races was run this year and the second will be in May 2015. The link has all the details.

It's a World Race! Something like 40 locations so those of us in France, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Ireland, USA, even Chile is on the list, can all start running at the same time on the same day in the same race! How fanTastic is that?

There are two more things about it that i totally love:

a) the UK one starts by running the racing track at Silverstone (some of you might remember the Sunday running routes i'd been plotting to mimic the Formula 1 venue of the weekend ... still doing that, figured you'd all got bored of my attempts tho so haven't posted ;-) )


b) it is a 100km course with a moving finish line SO there are 30 mins after the start (same moment in time everywhere, so some races will be very early morning, others during the night) where the runners remain undisturbed and THEN, globally, same rules everywhere, they start a car following ... it is restricted to 15km per hour for the first 30 mins, then increases to 16, 17 etc until it takes a leap to 35 kms/hr. Each runner is wearing an electronic chip and is eliminated as the chaser car passes them (you then walk on to catch a shuttle bus which picks up every 5kms to return to the start point). The 2 winners in the whole wide world will be the only ones left running! One man, one woman ...

What i love is that a beginner runner, say at the level i am now, will finish 8.5km before they get caught by the car and eliminated. Equally, you could run a marathon distance if you could finish it in 3 hours and a fair bit. The winners last year ran 78 or so kilometres before they were caught!

You may have guessed by my enthusing ... i'm IN! Registered! I had to - it will be one year exactly since i started running/stopped smoking plus it's @ Silverstone (fulfilling one little dream to run on a race track) and i'm aiming to complete one quarter of the course ie, 25km!

Oh and yes, the other brilliant thing is that every cent, peseta and pence of the entry fee (which is different in each country) goes to the charity Wings for Life, spinal cord injury research ..... Red Bull are covering the costs of administrating the event.

Anyway, i thought you might like to know, just in case it appeals to anyone :-)

Right then, i'm on a mission, as we all are - all the very best everybody and cool runnings to you!!!


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33 Replies

  • Sounds like a great idea! It would be good fun.

  • That's exactly what i thought! Nervously excited and a little daunted by training schedule! Fun used to be so easy :-)

  • Oh my, this looks amazing!!! I am soooooooo tempted. Hold me back someone, hold me back!!!

  • sorry - doh i am reading posts in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways today - i really really want to do this. Go on do it - it will be so amazing - sorry not holding you back rather pushing you forward. Actually i have to confess i emailed them and asked if i could pay for silverstone and if i need to transfer to santiago.

  • Ooooo I'm even more tempted now!! This run looks abolutely fabulous, don't blame you for wanting to sign up.

  • it looks like such a great race on every level- plus its in May - the knee might be super strong by then- sorry not helping - i will stop. Might see you there or might be with you in running spirit in santiago- hopefully they might do in 2016 too - thats what i have told myself.

  • Oh you are NOT helping me resist this run one little bit! ;) I'm going to see if there's any way I can do it because it looks so fab. Even if I get caught first out of everyone in the entire world, I still want to do it. I wonder how long the entry stays open?? Oh you are a baaaad influence!

  • Well i live in Santiago - if you see it you buy it. As when you go back it will be gone (talking from experience bras, marmite, english mustard) but i am sure it will be open for a while. really i need them to accept entries in nov/dec time. the website even has a predictor about when you will be caught out - i don't care when it will be as it will be so much fun!! Plus it goes to charity. Can you imagine being the last woman and man - how amazing would that be.

  • Haha I've more chance of being the first person caught than the last but wow, what a thing to achieve!! It'll probably be some Olympic type but then, 'twould be great to be in a race with an Olympian! There, yet another positive, this race is full of them! :)

  • Hello AM!

    Look at you two (Vix) getting all over-excited! You sound like me since i found it!

    There are 5000 places in the UK race and registration doesn't close until a couple of days before race day .... somewhere i saw there is a constantly updated whole event Start List but i haven't found it yet!

    I am so many miles away from being able to pound out 25km in 2 hours 7 minutes, plus i don't even live in UK but never mind, it's a case of training and travelling! To run on the race circuit is my main motivation but the idea of the moving finishing line REALLY appeals. I love all the photos on the site of folks running looking over their shoulders trying to get the last few paces in before the car overtakes them!

    I don't think i have a competitive bone in my body but out-running a car appeals!

    Happy to have placed the seedling in your mind :-) Hope your knee is steadily getting better :-)

  • Oh nooo, have I misread it? Do I have to be able to run 25k in 2h7min to be able to enter? There's not mush chance of that, ever!! :( Oh now I'm worried. Going to have to go back and read the rules again. I'm going to be late for work now!!

  • Noooooo!!!! That's just what i want to do!

    You can do whatever you can before the car catches you! Like Vixchile says, the site has a calculator - click on the box that says something like "your personal finishing line". A slide rule should come up. If you click along it'll tell you the times available for distances ... ie. how far you'd get at a certain pace - if you run 7 minute kilometres you'll get about 10km or more, i don't quite remember now. Basically, they've set it up so that 'normal' folks, like you and i perhaps, can complete 'normal' distances in 'normal' times but as the distances increase you'd have to be flying to get there - it's marvellously fair i think and ensures the whole thing will be over in about 5 hours or so clearing the roads of lycra-clad smilers! Have a look later .... no need to be late for work :-) :-) :-)

  • Thanks Bo. I went straight to the site and checked it out!! Phew! I'm still in with a chance. At my current pace, I should still get over 10k before being caught, which is good enough for me. Ooo listen to me, I'm sounding more and more committed! :D

  • You seeeeee ..... and there are still 200 days!!! I was thinking i could about the same as you now so there's plenty of time for increasing that pace and distance WITHOUT getting hurt!!! Have a super day thinking about racing against a slow-moving car :-) (the idea still really appeals to me!!!) I feel a registration coming on AM!

  • PS. i really like this little orange bell in the bar up there telling me i have a reply! (it's the little things!)

  • Yes, a genius addition to the site x

  • Ok - all calm now after a sleep....that's a lie still very excited. But yes saw the closing date is in april so loads of time to train, join, figure out logistics etc. Living in Chile i have really gone with see it get it or else you will regret it later, hence buying 4 boxes of tea. Anyway the Santiago races starts at 7am so its not too bad, i think it will just be getting light then too. Plus it will be edging into winter, but who knows we might be at silverstone. I am off to look at some new trainers - its going to be pot luck.

  • Super dooper, all set then! Looking forward to running with you, even if it turns out there's a whopping great big expanse of planet between us!

    Admit i've been looking at YouTube clips of last year's event - brilliant they are! Running out as the sun rises ... lovely!

    Happy shopping for now :-)

  • Yay, Vix, so glad I'm not the only one who's still excited about entering, having slept on the idea for the night. Plenty of time yet but, to be honest, why wouldn't I sign up??? Good luck with those new shoes!

  • it is very exciting and will be a great day out! new shoes purchased - not sure if they are right. hope you had a good day :)

  • Thank you for sharing. Can i just say i love this race too. I am have just read everything - firstly i love the fact that every penny goes to the charity. I believe more races should do this!! Secondly i am just trying to work out where i will be - i really want to be santiago but i have a feeling we will be in the uk - but won't be able to confirm until November/December. I just hope there will still be a place for me to sign up! Thank you for sharing this is an amazing race and i would love to be part of it too.

  • Think this caught your imagination in the same way it caught mine Vixchile!

    See you there then - well, if you're at Silverstone - doubt i'll get to Santiago! mainly cos there's no racetrack start to tempt me :-)

    Very much looking forward to seeing your face plastered over the internet as the last one running!!! :-) If the race starts at 12 noon in UK what time would you start if you were in Santiago? Dawn?

  • I'm also liking the look of it. The French race is in Rouan which is along way away - but both Verona in Italy and Olten in Switzerland are within striking range... Olten is nearer, but I'm fancying Verona...

  • Oooo they all sound extremely Romantic with a capital R - Switzerland sounds hilly but Verona must be beautiful ..... i'm going to have a look on YouTube to see if there is a clip .... oh yes, there are lots! it's gorgeous ajwyld ..... will be brilliant to set off at Silverstone exactly the same moment you set off in Verona!!! Great excuse for an Italian break too ;-) I can smell the coffee and pizza!!!

  • Thanks for this Bo, I have just entered mr flump and myself for this given us an unrealistic time of 1hr30 for 15k but it gives us something to aom for, love a challenge me :0s.

    Told him if he's good I'll buy him a tshirt for Christmas x

  • FanTABulous! How brilliant! See you there then!

    Yes, i think there's enough time to prepare and do ourselves justice, all things being equal! That's a particularly attainable time for 15km i think plus add a little more distance for those last meteoric sprinting meters as we hear the chaser car bearing down!

    Was he wanting a new T shirt then??? ;-)

  • I was thinking 6 months to get to 15k must be achievable, it's the time that I am a little shakey on. But I am sure with sheer grit and determination we can do it. Oh yes definitely factoring in crazed sprinting stage for the car.

    So as it stands 7 runs to finish c25k then find a 10k for say feb and then work towards the 15k + sprint for May .

    I signed us up and once I'd finished I said happy Christmas love you've been entered into this. And if you're good I'll buy you a tshirt to open hehehe

    So 200 days let the countdown begin. Keep me updated on your progress, I can't wait it's exciting

  • Brilliant! Counting the days!!! I'm visualizing myself in a dreamy soft slow-motion frame, eating up tarmac ad infinitum, keeping the chaser car at bay!!! Happy training to you both :-)

  • Hubby and I are seriously contemplating signing up for Verona - only downside is that minimum age is 18 and our 17 year old would love to do it too (some places allow over 16s but Verona isn't one of them) Wondering if they check IDs...

  • Hmmmmm ... that's an unwelcome obstacle :-(

    My guess is they will check but i don't know the Italian bureaucratic temperament too well ... tricky one ...

  • One alternative is the Swiss race. Or she could do the "under 18s" 5k. (Or she could use her older sister's ID, but I wonder if thats some kind of crime...) The Swiss venue looks pretty and has a free "noodle party" for runners the night before.

  • sounds great, surely the car will catch me at 30 minutes and 1 second!! ;)

  • Oh pity, it's on the same day as my planned first HM....

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