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Running my own race

Whist not feeling ready for public organised racing myself just yet (July) big respect for all sport relief runners today and those running the Lincoln 10k past my mum and dads house :)

My family have started suggesting that it could be me out there next year - nothing like parental ambition for your kids! And sibling goading! lol but yeah ok may be...

Meanwhile Wk7 R1 is done :) on a sunny sunday morning. I also made it a wee bit easier on the chest as kept away from the smokes, so with sleeping and avoiding the first fag of the day this morning (laid on floor gently doing superman stretching instead) that was about 12 hours without a smoke and it made a big difference to the running puffing breathing - obvious I know, I will get there with quitting the smokes

Loving the fact that I'm now running 25 mins :)

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Congratulations (also on not smoking ;).

25 minutes still sound A LOT to me (I finished week 1) so I'm in awe if I read people do this. Well done. Now only 5 more minutes to add to that! Doesn't that sound brilliant? :D


welcome to the strange world of running :) well done on week 1, stick with it and trust me you'll be up to running 25 mins too and like you've said give me another week or so and I'll be doing that extra five too :)


oh Bxster. i too am addicted to the weed :( and it def effects the breathing) ran yesterday with my sister who quit smoking 3 yrs ago, and she commented on how bad by breathing got as we ran, i was actually making squeaking noises, and my breathing got out of control on a few occasions..

really really need to quit, but have had a few failed attempts..

but how???

well done on the 25min run.. thats a tough one!!


If you don't mind me saying so I can't see you resisting that particular lure for long!


Right past ma and pa's house too. You can pace AndyStev next year!


Well done Bxster, and delaying that first of the day, used to be my favourite one and I know how hard it can be. One step at a time.:)


Great, well done runner! :)


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