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Week 7

Week 7 rub 1 done not a bad run and kept a steady pace just trying to up the speed at the moment i,m on course for 5k 30 minutes as I keep knocking vital seconds of my time each run which is extremely satisfying. I arrived home from my run to discover my wife had bought me a Running magazine and a mens health magazine how sweet she says she is immensley proud of me! Now taht makees it especially worthwhile roll on run number 2.

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ahhh, that is so nice, what a lovely wife. Well done Mark.


well done, it looks like you are a runner! am a bit behind you, always great to read that others can manage it too! let us know if the running magazine helps, as thinking I might buy one if I ever get to the end! your near the end now, well nearer than me, so good for you!


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