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What are your favourite running songs?

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Hi all. Even though I am only half way through the c25k plan and still using the podcasts, I am already assembling playlists on my iPhone to warm up/ run /cool down to for when I graduate. I'm curious as to what other people's favourite tunes are to run to that make you feel happy, motivated and (even) euphoric?

Here are a few of mine:

We are the people ( empire of the sun)

Somebody that I used to know (gotye)

Pumped up kicks (foster the people)

Mah na mah na ( muppets)

Ride like the wind (Christopher cross)

Flawless ( the ones)

Rain down love (Freemasons)

Town called malice (jam)

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I have been thinking about this but all the tracks I like seem a bit slow to run to - I saw somewhere that suggested 150 bpm. Do you grade yours by bpm? So far the only tracks I have that I know are probably fast enough are Arctic Monkeys :)

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I don't run to a anything any more just my wheezing and the occasional ouch and swear.

When I did I found Iron Maiden was awesome, just perfect paced and "Running Free" the best of them all both as a tune and for the ironic appropriateness of the chorus :-)

Might not be everyone's cup of tea mind you!

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For Mothers Day my sons bought me a collection of 3 CDs called 'Now That's What I Call Running'. Loads of tracks on there for every taste.

Personally I am a Queen fan - good old Freddie gets me going. Trouble is sometimes I sing along to it which gets a few strange looks.

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I'll check those out. I'd forgotten about a bit of metal in the mix. I'll check "running free" out. I might have to add that and "ace of spades" to my playlist :)

Sarah, no, I don't even know about bpm I'm not that technically advanced at all. I guess I've just chosen ones I think might be about the pace I might run ;)

"Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen is good, as is "I got a feeling" by Black Eyed Peas, "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor.

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Definitely 'eye of the tiger'! Great call ShoutingWoman.

(Although I would die of embarrassment if anyone actually heard me listening to songs from the Rocky soundtrack whilst out for a run!)

I have been known to add 'Keep on Running' by Spencer Davis Group to the end of my playlist too, very sad I know, but it does the job.

And I always have 'Shoot the Runner' by Kasabian. Especially good if you sing aloud as you run.

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I have these on my ipod:

All My Life - Foo Fighters

Good Vibrations - Beach Boys

Bohemian Like You - Dandy Warholes

Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

Along with a whole host of others. Trouble is, like BTX4, I end up singing along! Lol! They're great though and make me feel loads better when I'm out. Now........ if only I could put Laura's voice over these at the appropriate times for added encouragement, I'd a be a very happy lassie!

I like some variations in my songs in terms of beats and genre so I tend to mix them up a bit.. I also get bored if I listen to the same song too many times so I am constantly updating them. These are the few songs that I have on my playlist right now:

One day like this - Elbow

Howlin for you - The Black Keys

Sea lion woman - Feist

Tighten up - The Black Keys

Float on - Modest Mouse

Walking on a dream - Empire Of The Sun

Runaway - Kanye West

No one's gonna love you - Cee Lo Green

Lollipop - Mika

Iron - Woodkid

Blood - The Middle East

What you know - Two Door Cinema Club

#whitegirlproblems - Hoodie Allen

Cinderella Man - Eminem (actually, most of Eminem's songs)

Monster - Kanye West

(I skipped a few that are already mentioned here, and I could probably write a dozen more, but, don't want to bore you all to sleep!)

I use the site 8tracks: 8tracks.com for most of my "discovering-new-music" needs.. there are loads of users creating playlists all the time and you can sort the playlists by tags such as "run", "workout", "chill", "happy" and just about anything you can think of.. current popular running tracks are here: 8tracks.com/mixes/running/p...

ps: I'd love to know what others listen to, too, and what's their "to-go" site for discovering new music!

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shelleymcbGraduate in reply to Vinay

went to the site you mentioned. loads of great stuff. question is: can I download them to put on my walkman? I dont own an android phone or iphone so need them in "old money".

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Vinay in reply to shelleymcb

Hi shellymcb,

The website itself doesn't allow users to download music, but they have links to amazon and/or itunes where you can download them onto your pc.

I think they also have an app for android phones for free you can probably install the app and listen to it directly without needing to download anything: 8tracks.com/apps ...


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shelleymcbGraduate in reply to Vinay

aaarghhhhh. I went to the site & then to itunes & downloaded itunes. 2 different times. both times crashed my computer on restart & had to wait for it to cool down so that I could go to system restore at an earlier point without it crashing again. damm. thought if I had itunes I could make a disc then put that on windows to put onto my walkman. not the case :(

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Vinay in reply to shelleymcb


Yes, iTunes does slow down my computer too, unfortunately.. May be you can write to 8tracks (on their contact us page or something) ?


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I have loads but one that's just come on the radio which had me dancing round my office is Something Kinda Ooh by Girls Aloud!! Love it! :)

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WannaberoadrunnerGraduate in reply to Minuette

I love Girls Aloud!

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Mr Blue sky ELO is awesome to run to and makes me smile :)

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I've got an odd mixture, Hot stuff - Donna Summer, Moving on Up - M People, Past the point of rescue -Hal Ketchum, Five oclock somewhere - Jimmy Buffet and someone. anything thats upbeat and gets me to the end of the run!

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I have a weird mix that I run to lol - many of those mentioned here - I'm also a bit of a Bon Jovi freak and love running to some of their songs - Meat Loaf is good too - Bat out of Hell just about fills 2k :-) I also quite like dance tracks, anything kind of uplifting and with a good beat is fine by me - I cycle to audio books..!!

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AmandaWGraduate in reply to AmandaW

when I say 'cycle' - I mean on the exercise bike before I get shouted at ;-)

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bob sinclair- love generation - all the way !!

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I think audio books are a great idea and have been considering joining audible.co.uk. Anything that helps drown out that bad running demon. Bat out of Hell, what a great choice. Meatloaf is the man! I'll check out love generation. I also remembered years ago I used to listen to chicane with Bryan Adams... "Don't give up"..

I'll check out bob Sinclair Anna, I have to say I've never heard of him! :)

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and also gealic storm bring yer wellies, brilliant runningn track xx

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I go for a fairly rocky playlist but a few favourites are;

Runnin' Wild - Airbourne (good appropriate one)

Rain Wizard - Black Sone Cherry (appropriate at the moment)

Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin

Rock the Nation - Montrose

and loads of stuff by AC/DC, Rush, Deep Purple, The Who, Wishbone Ash.

Got some slower ones that I like but it's nice to have a really good quick beat to run in time too. I also have the problem that I get into the music so much that I'm singing along as I run which invites some funny looks!

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