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Running up hills


Live in a Coastal village, did my 1st run wk 1 on Sunday morning and did it along a Coastal path which has quite a few hills do you think I should change the route and try a to find flatter surface to carry on, or just keep to it, thanks for any replys. :)

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i think mixing it up is the best way...flat routes, hilly ones. If I need to have a confidence boost (like this week) I've done the flats ones....hills / slopes are for the days you are feeling good. I've been told by my runner friends that hills build stamina so don't rule them out altogether.

A costal path sounds idyllic compared to pounding the streets in town :)


I would stick with unless it is preventing you completing your runs. If it is just hard, then you'll work through it.


Steep hills can really take it out of you and knock your confidence - you'll need to find somewhere so that you are not running and walking up hill or you might not recover enough. If you have a choice then try and find somewhere flat.

Running downhill can be dangerous until your body has built up enough strength for it so go easy with that.

I had a very similar problem - in the early stages I ran in circles round a short loop - there's no harm in that but its a bit boring and hard to gauge how much distance you are covering. In the end I resorted to driving out of area and running on the flat. Now that I am able to run for longer I run to and past the place I used to drive to - even up the hill to get there :-)


I must say I chose a 'flatter' route for the infamous wk5r3 in order to give myself the best chance of succeeding, although it turned out not to be quite as flat as I'd thought! So I now try and mix it up a bit like AliB1 - flatter for 'first time' run lengths, hills for run times I know I can do already.


I agree with Greg. I tried at first to organise my runs to avoid hills but then realised as the running sections got longer, it became impossible. So I just got on with it. The thought of running up the hills is worse than the reality.


I would be careful if tackling a steep hill in the first few weeks. One of my first routes had a scary looking hill and I was so chuffed that I made it up, that I ran like a madwoman down the otherside & jarred my knee.

Two months later I can now run up and (slowly) down the same hill without any probs at all thanks to stronger muscles (and a calmer & wiser attitude).


Many thanks for your replies, it is very idylic the sea on one side and fields on other side, I go for 2 run wk1 tonite so i will just carry on and see how it goes, once again thansk for all the advice :).

I try to keep at least 1 hill in my run, but have flat routes and hilly routes. I delibrately chose big hilly run for week 5 run 3 as if I could do it (which I did) then any run would be a breeze.

I also live in a hilly area. L live in a valley and I found that it was best to walk up the two steep hills from my house which took about 12/15 minutes, until I got to a flatter bit, and started the running from there. It meant I always had a great warm up walk and I actually think that this also helped prevent injuries.

Your run sounds really idyllic; if it's just an undulating coastal path then it sounds perfect.

Let us know how you get on :)

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Hi just completed wk1 run 2 up and down the Coastal path did all the path tonite, and walked up the steepest hill but managed to jog the rest, so will just keep on this route for now, not so idyllic this evening really low lying fog and wet mist never thought I would be coming home from work and going to do this in that weather roll on summer.

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