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Thankyou for all your advice- It was better!


So I asked a question yesterday about whether I should attempt run two. Thankyou all for your answers- I decided to go for it! I read the answers saying it might be my trainers, and I realised with a jolt I hadn't worn my orthopedic insoles on run one..

My trainers are ok, they're not the best, but I didn't want to invest before I'd got into didn't seem worth the expense. I put my insoles in, and gave run two a go.

It was much, much better! I actually found it a lot easier- I have hypermobility syndrome, and I think I lost a lot of energy in run one because of my gait, whereas this run I was much better, and completed it easily, feeling I could do more.

My shin on my left side got a little bit sore around run 5/8, but I persevered gently and it was ok. It's a little bit sore today, but not all that bad. Looking forward to tomorrow's run! Really can't wait!

Thanks all :)


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Hi Annabel,

I just saw your post and noticed that you have hypermobility syndrome and thought I'd let you know that you're not the only one doing C25K with it!

I was diagnosed a few years ago and it gives me a fair amount of trouble. It mainly affects my shoulders and wrists which can dislocate at any moment but usually happens every 2-3 days. In fact I dislocated my right wrist so badly last February that the ligaments that I tore still aren't repaired now and I can't put any weight on it or write. This stopped me doing kickboxing which I used to be really passionate about and all sports which involve the hands so running was about my only option left for exercise!

That said, my hypermobility caused me to fall in 2006 and crack left my knee cap and so it has taken a few years to build up the strength again to be able to do anything high-impact on it. I have found that the programme is working alright (I say working, I'm only on week 4...); I think it's because the build up of runs and endurance is gradual allowing you to develop the stamina to cope with each new podcast.

I hope you find the same and as the weeks progress your symptoms aren't exacerbated too much and you continue enjoying the journey!


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