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W2r3 secret's safe - he's away

Although the coast was clear yesterday it wasn't until after dark so I consoled myself with a piece of dark chocolate and promised myself that a two day break is fine and that today was the day. Up early with dog treats and poo bags in my pocket to persuade a reluctant Poppy that she needed to have the right attitude to all this. After agreeing with fellow c25k folk that taking a mobile is a good idea for safety I've discovered the Endomondo app and found that my route took me 1.2 miles at an average speed of 1.52mph and burnt 2 calories! I must have got the settings wrong surely (?). I must have stopped to chat to a fellow dog walker longer than I thought. Anyway, despite dreading this run as W2r2 was tough, this was a delight. A different route, early morning mist and sunshine and a dog that was definitely finding her stride (as I got more tired). Think I might be looking forward to w3 but then I don't know what Laura has in store for me yet,

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just about to do this one, w2 r3, sounds like you managed it without too much trouble! am trying to stop myself worrying about whats coming next week! are you running in secret?


Actually looking forward to w3 next week but hope it stops raining. Running in secret because dear husband is such a keen runner that he's into marathons. Don't want to set myself up to fail and want to surprise him by being able to enter a 5k race alongside one of his somewhat longer races. Poppy dog has recently been adopted from a rescue centre and is still trying to get her little head around the comings and goings in our family.


Chuckled at the dark chocolate, I had some yesterday :) As for Poppy she does sound like she's getting it now :)

Wouldn't know about the App, I haven't got the facility, thinking about treating myself to one of those GPS heart monitoring watches...

I'm heading out for Wk4 R 1 later today. wk 3 is alright, you'll have seen my post about sore legs trouble, you run for a bit longer but it's just Wk2 runs sandwiched together - well that's what I was telling myself!

Hope you and Poppy have fun :)


thats great Beckipeg, are you planning on doing the race for life, or another 5k race? I have just started and the race for life in my area is June, so hoping I will be finished by then and will be able to run it instead of walking like last year, must be nice to have the dog for company


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