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CATCH-UP CORNER... JULY... WEEK 1...Please, slip off those running shoes...grab a cushion...catch your breath...BEFORE..?

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Happy July everyone... :) Here I am again!

Welcome to the Corner. Everyone:)

The weather is not exactly Summery... at least, not where I am. Some sunshine, then rain, wind and a chill in the air!

But today, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and here we all are on the first day of a brand new month!

I have just had an extra, if a tad shorter, workout day with small runner in training, but have not done any running in a while... zapped by a course of antibiotics... and just now trying, to regain the energy and strength to lace up those shoes. Plenty of gentle exercise to keep things moving, but nothing too heavy. Being kind to myself and just taking it a day at a time. The runs do wait:)

Now... I have of course, had plenty of time to read all of your awesome posts and am delighted to see so many folk reaching that Graduation podium... delighted also to see some of our old friends back here, ready to repeat all or part of C25K after a time away. And I am really thrilled to see so, so many, new runners heading towards the podium!

You are all succeeding at all levels, taking it steadily and heading to those 30 minutes! Well done!

Which brings me to this week's rambling thoughts.

Okay... when we come to the forum for the first time... we are bombarded...!

Hopefully, with loads of welcome replies to our first post, but most certainly with LOADS of advice...!

So much great advice being given and links to the ESSENTIAL reading that we all should do before we set out. ( It really is, essential).

Wow.... so much to read, re-read and to absorb... and then... head out and try to REMEMBER it all ?


Of course we do need to read the links... we do need to at least try, to absorb the important bits and maybe come back to it a few times.

We need to know that we are taking on, we need to know what we need to complete it .

We need to know how to stay safe, and hopefully, injury free, and, if we manage all of that, then, we should, reach that Graduation Podium, after running for those 30 minutes, ENJOYABLY !

So, when I was thinking about all this... I had a read around and I did a bit of tweaking and I found what for me, having read and re read all the terrific advice in the How to run C25K... could be a bit of a checklist for things I need to remember, ( and not just if I was starting C25K) , but for any running. goes.

* Follow the plan... whatever that plan is.

* Be prepared to put in some core strength and stamina work....we need that running body to work for us.

* Follow the plan.

* Be bold, be confident. Know you can do this.

* Never be afraid to ask for advice or help, about anything.

* Follow the plan.

* Take your rest days when you should.

* Be prepared to take your time...if you need more rest, take it. If you need longer to get to the 30 minutes...take it.

* Follow the plan, BUT.. be prepared, always to be kind to yourself. This is not weakness, it is simply common sense.

* Never, ever, compare yourself with anyone else.

* Enjoy...enjoy... ENJOY.

There we are... Simple and to the point! ( With a few points repeated:)

BUT... there is one bit of advice that we all should remember, and that we all should absorb.

You may not feel like taking it, there may be any number of reasons, why you don't want to take it, and an equal number of excuses, for not taking it.

“....Before... heading out of the door”.

The BEST bit of advice?

Simply; Head out of the door :)

Do that, the rest will follow. You will be so glad that you did :)

Looking forward to seeing the cushions fill, up and hearing what you have all been up to... we cannot wait!

Oldfloss x


I am attaching a link to a C25K post from an old friend, one who is repeating C25K, after a whole series of stops, starts, successes and set backs.

This post from Irish-John , demonstrates that the only thing, ( apart from injury, impossible to ignore), that prevents you getting out of the door? YOU!


Another inspirational reason to go out of the door... AlMorr ran his 50th Park Run this morning... I should tell you, he is 76 + !!!

I shall be posting a photo' ,when they are up!

Floss x


See photographs.

The Inspirational Al...!

All you, over 70s...age is no excuse for not getting out of the door!

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M0use profile image

I think, for me, heading out of the door for the first time was almost the hardest part. Stamina and strength are one thing but overcoming that little voice in your head that tells you that you can't do this thing and you shouldn't even try is tricky but if you can ignore it long enough to get out the door once it gets easier every time ☺️

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to M0use

So true...and that small voice makes a lot of noise sometimes .I think many of us felt, and do feel the same x

Just Brillant Floss.Love it.🏃‍♀️🌟💪🙏❤️

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Tbae

Food for thought? Hope you are doing okay and things are sorting xx

AlMorr profile image
AlMorrGraduate in reply to Tbae

Hi Tbae, how are you doing?, a few weeks ago I celebrated 4 years since I graduated from C25K, yes you remember me running along the prom at Helensburgh on 18th June 2018, my graduation run and that guy shouting at me😂😂🏃🏾👍🎓

Tbae profile image
Tbae in reply to AlMorr

Here in the Highlands until end of September.Hope you are well.🏃‍♂️🌟💪🙏🌟

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Tbae

Still trogging along. Thank you. Take care of yourself x

AlMorr profile image
AlMorrGraduate in reply to Tbae

Thanks Tbae, I am keeping very well, this morning I ran my 50th parkrun at Dunfermline parkrun.

Tbae profile image
Tbae in reply to AlMorr


LiisaM profile image

I always love seeing your posts. They remind me I need to get going, and I need that reminder what with our weather which is disgustingly humid and warm. I'd rather do just about anything else than go outside these days. I wake up with good intentions but life intervenes. Even my muscle exercises are way too intermittent. Thanks for your words, OF!

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

Hello there.. how are you and that canine companion?You most certainly will HAVE to be getting out.. with that young one eager to be using up her energy!

This weather is so varied and I do think humidity, makes it very, very hard.

But, yes, it is so easy, ( well sometimes, almost impossible ), to get out, but we must never stop trying.

I am going to have to work a tad harder on getting myself going again. The energy levels are still low.

I shall watch for a post from you! x

LiisaM profile image
LiisaMGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Little One is asleep now in her crate. I woke up and thought I'd catch her before she let loose with poop and pee, but she'd already done it--so--a crate to clean. Then out we went. She walks so nicely now up and down our driveway--twice. This is a change from her originally jumping up and down on my leg all the way! I tried three times, but no dice as her interest had waned. She saw a deer through the shrubbery and wanted to high tail it into the house. I told her "No" softly so she sat and watched to see if the deer was dangerous. I believe she was very attuned to my example for a bit after the deer appeared. I could see her sniffing for the scent as she sat quietly beside me. In two days we have our holiday for our independence and it will be important for her to learn not to be scared of the racket from firecrackers and fireworks; some dogs actually have to take tranquilizers. Certain things scare her--motorcycles send her running for the house; people walking with their dog out on the road ditto; the neighbor's dog barking puts her on scare alert. I woke up this morning energized and feeling like running but now that I waited and waited for pee and poop after feeding Molly B'Golly this morning, I don't feel like running. Everyone here has gone back to sleep including Molly. I will make it my intention to go out the door in my running gear after my tea--not to run--just to go out of the door!

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

I shall wait for that post!! You've done a day's workout already!! X

LiisaM profile image
LiisaMGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Sadly, I didn't make it out. "Another day, another dollar...." 😒

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

Always tomorrow... the runs do wait ! x

LiisaM profile image
LiisaMGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

So last night there was the usual huge celebration of fireworks ,(which I could not see but could easily hear from our house,) and I took Molly out at 10 promptly which, unfortunately, is the usual time for fireworks and firecrackers. She was petrified. I tried to pet her and tell her it was okay. She did the fastest poop in dog history and raced for the door back in. She will be frightened in the future. I hope we do not have to tranquilize her.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to LiisaM

Oh dear. Such a worry.x

AlMorr profile image

Lovely post from you Oldfloss, this morning Saturday 2nd July I'll be running my 50th parkrun at Dunfermline parkrun which is its 7th birthday, we are promised cup cake at the completion of our run.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to AlMorr

Lovely to see you this morning Al!

Have a super time at that Milestone Park Run.. Your 50th!

What a long way you have travelled.

You will deserve those cupcakes and maybe we could see a photograph of you too.. celebrating that half century. x

AlMorr profile image
AlMorrGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Yes Oldfloss it was just under 3 years ago that you sent my a private message wishing me well on my first parkrun, today at the same parkrun, Dunfermline I ran my 50th in a time of 33:09 which is exactly one minute seven seconds quicker than 3 years ago, not too concerned about my time, my PB at any of those 50 parkruns is 30:09 which I ran at the second parkrun I have attended, like 3 years ago at the end of the run all the runners were treated to a cup cake and birthday cake as today was Dunfermline Parkrun 7th birthday.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to AlMorr

That sounds just perfect...very well done xxx

AlMorr profile image
AlMorrGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

PS, there was a photographer at the end of my run, after I ate the two small cakes he took a photo of me with a 50 parkrun slogan, that photo may appear in the Dunfermline Parkrun Facebook page soon.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to AlMorr

That is great. I shall take a look. I think we really need to let folk see what an inspiration you are!

AlMorr profile image
AlMorrGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

👍 🏃🏾

Mummycav profile image

I’ve just popped my cushion in the corner at the back Oldfloss…I’m just hear listening, waiting for that motivation & inspiration…it’s been a week since I ‘just headed out the door’…..I need to get out today, I’m taking someone really important with me so I don’t want to let him down x

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Mummycav

You won't let him down.... I'm sitting here next to you.....a week over for me too...Enjoy your , getting out there,...slow and steady xxx

Mummycav profile image
MummycavAdministrator in reply to Oldfloss


Kevin41 profile image

Thanks, I don’t know if it’s just me but I still sometimes have periods where I struggle to simply head out the door, even now a few years later and after running distances I’m really proud of.

I still have the odd moment of imposter syndrome but like you say, I am ALWAYS glad when I have done a run regardless of if it felt like a ‘good’ or ‘not so good’ run.

I find a looming event entry the best motivator ha ha!!

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Kevin41

I think many, many of us do have those days.. but yes, something on the horizon can be the shove we need !You're no imposter! All you need to do now, is accept the fact that you're a runner...and a terrific one!

Flaraflarkin profile image

Hi there! 👋 it feels so good seeing some familiar names on here, and lots of new ones of course! I've hopped back on the running train again after a good few months and feel like I'm getting a routine going.This forum as always is such a good reference point, keeps me on track and is such a non judgemental community. Just love it!X

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Flaraflarkin

So good to see you here. Always have a spare comfy cushion for old friends.As ever, no need to hurry...many,many of us have travelled back along the C25K route over the past two years..

Pop in when you are is so good to share xxx

Good to see you again. Happy injury free running to you. 😊🏃🏻‍♀️

Collops profile image

What a lovely, encouraging post Oldfloss. On Thursday night I had my favourite run so far, W9R1, enjoyable because I took it *superbly slow* and only dashed the last minute. But Friday morning I woke with a cold that turned out to be covid so, self-isolation means it will be days before I can 'head out the door'. I had hoped to graduate on Monday night but now I'll have to see how I feel once I'm out in the world again, I'm still planning to graduate this month, just don't know exactly when... 🤷‍♀️

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Collops

Oh gosh! This is not happy news!! had a good, recover and when you feel all is well...that run will be waiting...and so will we...x

Collops profile image
CollopsGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks so much, I'll just have to be patient, and I'm keeping busy planning new routes after graduation

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Collops

Always things to routes..even a bit of running retail therapy too.😂

Collops profile image
CollopsGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Funnily enough I do have my eye on cropped running leggings - but not quite yet, that will be my graduation gift to myself.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Collops

Great idea xxx

Mum22boys profile image

Hi Oldfloss, hope you're feeling better. Love your check list and I must admit I do love a plan. Your final point on the checklist... head out of the door... this was very easy for me this morning... it was raining and I love a run in the rain and I needed to get out there before it cleared up. Week 4 is now completed and looking forward to next week.

Everyone else in the house has colds... but I seem to be avoiding it so far... hopefully that isn't famous last words!

Keep taking it slowly xx

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Mum22boys

I am...thank you...antibiotics and I rarely meet, and they like to make their power known!

A Huge WELL done to you!

A rainy run, full of joy...perfect!

Hope you stay cold free and the family recover soon.

So good to know you are getting the runs in xxx

Oldfloss profile image

HERE he is... AlMorr Dunfermline Park Run.

Awesome Al !
grumpyoldgirl profile image
grumpyoldgirlGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Floss for finding Al's photo. He's a legend.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to grumpyoldgirl

I asked his permission.. he truly is.!

Elfe5 profile image

Great post OF - and mend soon.😘

I will add to my “quotes to keep” collection your wise words:

“…be kind to yourself. This is not weakness, it is simply common sense.”

No running for 10 days - very busy family holiday with lots of cycling & walking & now a flu-y cold. Feet & brain getting “running itchy” - but I will cling onto that common sense! 😉😄

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Elfe5

Much better now .thsnk you.

Oh gosh...did you have the holiday or are you on holiday?

So many folk with funny summery colds too.

Feel better soon and yes, carry on being kind to are worth it. xxxx

Elfe5 profile image
Elfe5Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

We managed to have & enjoy our holiday before the cold thanks. 😄

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Elfe5

Phew.... you just need another one now:) x

Just popping in to say Hi - I'm afraid that life has got in the way somewhat. It was my son's wedding on the 18th and funnily enough, that turned out to be quite a distraction! We had a wonderful time, and I did get a run in a week later. Then I went and turned over on my ankle (the one I broke) while picking raspberries. I landed none too elegantly on my posterior and broke a couple of raspberry canes in the process. No lasting damage apart from a bruise on said posterior and a tender ankle. I rested up for a few days then I managed a week 2 run this week. It was great and I really should get out and do another one, but strangely for me, I just don't feel like it.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Then don't run.

Your body is letting you know it isn't time.I am so glad that the wedding went well! Just lovely!

Falling...not so good..and glad that the canes were the only thing broken!

Just take your will head out...when you're ready.

The runs do wait....Thank goodness xx

Hello not grumpy, I do hope that you recover from your recent fall. I have just completed week 2, not sure how my various poorly parts will manage, especially my meniscus. I'm under a physio's directions. Rest well. 😊🌸

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to over61andstilltrying

Take it gently!!! Slow and steady wins the race? xxx

over61andstilltrying profile image
over61andstilltryingGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Oldfoss. 😊

Yes it's getting there, I'm just being super cautious at the moment. Walks and zumba gold so far this week, maybe a little jogette in the next few days.. hope your physio gets you sorted x

Bluefly profile image

Glad to hear you are on the mend Oldfloss, and great advice as always. I am taking a second rest day today after my longest run so far on Sunday (usual routine is Tues/Thurs/Sun) as ankles are a bit achy. As you always say, the runs will wait!

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Bluefly

Thank you... hoping a few days at the Coast again will pick me up a tad further... I am hoping to maybe get a very short jogette in!Maybe just a 10 minute NRC guided run.

Taking an extra rest day sounds perfect. and the runs will be all the sweeter.

There are some great ankle exercises on Ginger Running, ( YouTube). Links on the S and F Forum too.

Also, one that I did this morning. Sitting on the end of the bed.. doing the letters of the alphabet, with your feet. !

One of our awesome runners on here suggested it!

Enjoy that run when you do get out tomorrow. x

Mumpark profile image

Good morning everybody.It is now 9 weeks since my bunion op and I am progressing well.

The wound is healing and looks a whole lot better than it did since my last post.

I have been marshalling at Parkrun for the last 3 weeks and I love encouraging everyone as they go round, before that I walked up a hill and stood there with my crutches but only for about 20 minutes I’m lucky I only live across the road from the park and it helped me a great deal .

I am going out in the mornings and doing a bit of a fast walk I have been building up and do 2K .

So I’m feeling so much better.

But still not sure when I will start to run again.

Hope this helps for anybody else considering having it done.

Just having a rest on my cushion before going out for my morning walk.

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Mumpark

Good news and really great that you are, even, ( half on- half off), the IC , helping and motivating other folk.You seem to be making great progress and hopefully others will find this supportive!

Hope that your walk went well this morning too.

You will be back! Take care and thank you for popping in! x

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