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I think am ready

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Hello everyone.

Yes am back I think I have just started the c25k again run 1 done boy was that hard not run for 14months but some weight on .not good but I think am ready am going to try anyway it's nice to be back on here after I lost my wife which am still struggling with it been in some very dark places and still am but here we go

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Sorry for your loss Paul. Nice to have you back. X

Catho78 profile image

Welcome back, you’ve got this! Sorry for your loss.

Oldfloss profile image

This is fabulous news to hear. You are always going to feel the loss of your soulmate, but Paul... having got to know you both a little:) I know she will be so, so proud of you .

Many, many of us have repeated C25K again.... and it may be hard, but, we know what to expect, and we know we can do it.

Slow and steady as you go , my friend xxx

Sidmouth203 profile image

Sorry to hear of your loss hope returning to running will bring some focus for you good luck👍

Frenc profile image

So good to see you paul1960! Welcome back. 😊😊😊

CBDB profile image

Hello 👋 Paul, so good to see you out there running again. And I’m thinking your wife is running with you in spirit through the landscapes we run in.

I’m currently also redoing C25k! So well done for getting there again.

Run 1! The start to another rewarding journey. 👏👏👏👍🏽

Week7 profile image

So pleased to see you back after all you've been through.

Cmoi profile image

Great that you're back paul1960

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Welcome back! As you'll know I've been following your recent progress (running with your shadow) on Strava.

Digdeep profile image

That’s great that you started again, so sorry for your loss, I’m sure your wife would be proud. Keep posting there is so much encouragement here. Keep the thoughts positive and keep running.

Vespina profile image

Sorry to hear about your wife. Totally understandable that it’s affecting you so much. Huge congratulations to taking the first steps to getting out running again and nailing the first session. Good luck with the programme. We’ll be here cheering you on.

Instructor57 profile image

Great to see you back Paul ! 👍

Well done Paul 🙌

You show strength for coming back to running and wil soon feel the benefits again, You will feel better all round for running, sending good thoughts your way to help with the sad times

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All I can say Paul is your wife would be proud of you. I know I am . She will be willing you on ! Go for it! We are all behind you. Keep us all updated with your progress . 💪

Good luck Paul-you can do it! So sorry to hear of your loss hopefully running can bring you some escape from the dark places 🏃‍♂️

Getfitok profile image

Welcome back, sorry for your loss. Hopefully running will help. I’m also redoing C25K &am on week 7, finding it difficult but bashing on with it. Good luck.

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