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Waterproof trainers

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With the change in weather can anyone recommend a good pair of waterproof trainers? thanks

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This gets asked a lot and the response you are likely to get is "Have you thought what happens if you stand in a puddle?"

Most running shoes are designed to easily drain out water. Something that doesn't easily let water in, won't let it back out again. I know what I prefer.

Many people do use waterproof socks.

Most of my running is off-road, which can be wet and muddy but it is on roads that I have had to wade through six inches of water...........so unless you wear wellies, you are unlikely to retain dry feet.

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There are not many about ! My road shoes are NOT waterproof but my Trail shoes claim to be ! ( Not yet proved or disproved the claim yet)

They are Saucony .

However , the problem being they would also not let water out !

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The key is socks. You have to accept your feet will get wet. What you need to do is make them comfortable when wet. A synthetic/wool mix works well for that. The first wetting will always be a shock but you'll get the "wetsuit effect" as the water warms up.

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Yep asked the question but as said after the first shock good socks and not thinking too much about it is the key. I did look at waterproof socks but then I thought how gross they may not let water in but they won’t let it out either. I had visions of paddling in my own socks, yuck

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I have some Saucony trail shoes with goretex, they are great! I run through a lot of fields with very wet grass and puddles, as long as it isn’t too deep my feet stay dry.

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I’ve used Merrell gortex ones, quite good in wet grass, not for wading through streams though! They have a fair amount of breathability, so I never find I’m sloshing about at any stage.

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I wear socks made with merino wool in them. Mine are from Feetures but loads of other brands do them. They're not waterproof but they don't get freezing cold when they get wet 🙂

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