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Finally! Week One - Runs 1 & nearly 2

I bought some lovely running shoes about 18 months ago (ish). Proper ones from a running shop and I had my tread measured and everything! I was motivated to start running and went out about three times walk/jogging to my family home about a mile from my house. (See my blog post about it here

Then I went to the doctors and she told me I had to get confirmation from the hospital before I could run as I have Long QT syndrome. Boo. Unfortunately getting a letter to confirm it was OK took months. Then last year I was all set again. We were going on a weekend camping trip so I packed my trainers with good intentions of running around the lake and by the river where we would be camping. Just as we were about to go I walked out of the back door to get something from the garage and promptly fell off the back step and sprained my ankle! Doh! Cue three days spent camping wth my foot in the air.

Well that was then, after stumbling on Couch 2 5K a couple of weeks ago I've been building myself up to start. I downloaded the first four podcasts last week and my Mom treated me to some shiny new headphones for my iPod. I didn't feel to confident to go straight out on the street so after a lie in on Saturday I decided to do it in the garden! I must have looked really strange to the neighbours but hey ho! I completed all runs despite interruptions first from my partner coming outside for a fag (hmph) who didn't know what I was doing and then my brother and his girlfriend popping round and peering at me from the back door. Half way through I thought I wouldn't be able to do the full workout but I pushed on and managed all the runs and felt quite pleased with myself. As I sit here on my laptop it's Monday morning and I'm trying to decide what time will be best to do run 2. Hope I can keep my motivation!

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Hi. Starting is the hardest bit. Once you get into the programme and you feel yourself improving you'll not regret it. Well done on doing the first run. Keep going. I found myself struggling with Week 1 and have now just finished Week6Run1, I would never have believed it was possible just 6 weeks ago.


Thanks Daran. Would be amazing to be able to persevere and actually run 5k! Right I'm going to get my gear on and do run 2 right NOW. Thanks for your comment.


Personally, I found that even the second run was easier than the first. I think I hit a bit of a speed-bump on run 3, but that initial run is still the hardest I have had so far.


Run 2 done! I feel great. I used Endomondo app on my Blackberry and I did 1.81 miles. It said average 14 mins to do a mile. Not quite a 4 minute mile but it's a start : ).


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