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Recovery time between runs

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Hi everyone, just completed W2 first run. I'm finding that I need 2 days full recovery in between each run, so technically not completely keeping to a week to do three runs. Anyone else need to do it like this? I'm a cancer survivor ( 4 years) so I'm assuming my body just needs extra recovery!

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Hi, nothing wrong with taking 2 rest days , the runs are just 'In weeks' for convenience .It is much better to take two days and be ready .

I sometimes take several days rest between my runs .

So do whatever works for you and enjoy the journey 😁👍

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This is the problem with a one size fits all programme. We’re not all the same to start with and it can seem tough. When I finished it, last summer, I went straight down to two runs only per week (only going back to three this last month once I was sure of my recovery strength and stamina).

I would suggest numbering the runs 1 to 27 and disregard the weeks; take time to rest and recover and you will still progress and graduate, I’m sure of it.

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I often take 2 days break, sometimes more. We’re all different and recover at different rates depending on a huge set of factors. So, no, take two days if that’s what your body needs. Good luck 👍

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Two rest days is my usual pattern, and for me part of helping ward off injuries. It just means the 'week' lasts a bit longer. Who cares? What's important is the progress you are making. Do what feels right for your life and your body, and what it takes to sustain your running practice longer term. I also read advice (on this forum) from a seasoned runner that it's good practice to take the occasional whole week's rest as a deliberate part of training. That too has worked for me... each time coming back with renewed energy, a better baseline of fitness and improved pace. Rest is underrated.


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Take your time, it’s not a race. Perhaps slow down a little. We all start the program with differing levels of fitness. You are wise to listen to your body. Above all, keep running we’ll all support you on this forum.

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Congrats and take the time you need. One week I only ran once in the week as I have been struggling with extreme lethargy as in if it was an Olympic sport I would be in the GB squad. I run when I am ready.

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Hi bishbashbosh, 3 runs per week with a single rest day in between cant be evenly spaced into 7 days as there will always be a 2 day rest somewhere, so I think its pretty fluid! It sounds like you're listening to your body so I would go with what you know is working for you and not worry about traditional 'weeks'.

Thank you everyone. Good advice 👍

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I always, always took two recovery days when I did couch to 5k. I was paranoid about injuries because I do so many other physical activities and I thought I was pushing my luck at 58. Also I have a close friend who had to give up running after suffering stress fractures in two toes. 😱

It was the best thing I ever did. Ok, so I didn't graduate in 9 weeks, but I graduated with no injuries at all and it set me up as a regular runner. It was only in the winter lockdown that I started running every other day and I never run two days in a row.

Think of the weeks as stages, take your own time and you'll be the better runner for it. Do other things on your rest days. I swim, walk, garden, resistance train and I'm just getting back to badminton and the gym. Just keep moving!

Good luck 👍

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