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Recovery Run... done...


Morning all.. Aussie here from a sunny SW London where I couldn't really be bothered getting out of bed this morning... However, when I eventually did it was time for a recovery run. Having laid out the running gear last night there was no excuse and my two girls even said "you have your running gear ready Daddy, we'll make breakfast while you run..."... :)

So - off we went - a leisurely 6K this morning along the towpath, keeping it nice and slow (until the last few kms where I sped it up)... 38:35 for the 6K this morning so not a bad pace at all actually (6:25m/km) for a recovery run...

When I headed out I simply couldn't be bothered with this one, when I finished I was SO glad I'd done it... sometimes you just gotta "do it"... :) You'll find even in a boring run one or two moments of pleasure...

Happy running folks!

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Wow - 6k , can't imagine being able to do that but then W1 I couldn't imagine now so you never know !

Well done for being motivated and motivating :)

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to Ejbirdy

I could barely run for those 60 seconds back in early March... now I'm doing 6K to recover from a 15K on Sunday... it's addictive and all things are possible if you take it nice and easy! It's not a sprint... although it's not quite a marathon... yet... :) :) :)


This morning was just too sunny to avoid a run. Blue skies, crisp air. Loved it.

Well done with your run. :-)

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to mancbird

Very true... it was glorious alright... very glad I kicked myself into action! Have a great day!


Just look at your happy smiley face! Great run! So envious, had my run all planned for this morning, but got a migraine last night so feeling a bit grim this morning - Curly finally gets sensible and doesn't push it...had to happen one day! Going tomorrow though for sure!

Love reading these positive upbeat posts - I find them really inspirational :)

A "leisurely" 6km run when you didn't really fancy it...? Hats off to you sir!


Fab stuff Aussie, Have it !!!! :-) xxx


Ooh I wish I could say 6k was a leisurely day maybe.

And so sweet that your daughters offered to make the breakfast.


Oh the leisurely 6k when you didn't really want to run! Hark at you Aussie!! Your running has come such a long way since you graduated and I just love reading about it. :)


Hi Aussie, I bet you were quite chuffed with that run having been unenthusiastic about it.

I was ever so slowly jogging this morning round the local streets and park. Really enjoying slowly plodding round with no pressure whatsoever. Bit windy but at least it wasn't raining again.


Great timing for a recovery run. Sounds like you're doing really well :)


Smashing piccy, you look so happy and relaxed :) Your progress is phenomenal, keep up the good work !


I love it when we've come so far to say a 5k run (6k in your case) is an easy recovery run......amazing!


Good work - doesn't sound too leisurely though. I think you must be copying my though as I did a 'recovery' 5km (29.27) yesterday after my first 15km on Saturday. Can you let me know what I should be doing next please? ;)

aussiegtcGraduate in reply to karlotta

Haha! Well done on your 15k...

Intervals next up (tomorrow), 90 seconds fast, 150 seconds slow jog to recover... 6 reps...


Crikey - I've yet to do intervals since finishing the programme - I know I should be though... I did 10km this morning instead. I'll take your advice though next ;)

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