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Decisions decisions!

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Started C25K 5 weeks ago with no repeats and no fails (not sure what the PC word is but sure its not fail, sorry pls feel free to advise) so far. Just completed W6R2 and am bickering with myself as to next move:

1. do W6R3 as per plan - maybe only partially but try not to get dejected.

2. Be kind to self and repeat R2 cos I did struggle with it. Used smaller strides like Japanese guy - 3.34 km @ 5.94km/h (for the statisticians). The struggle was 50/50 achey legs/breathing.

3. do nothing, bury my ostrich head in sand and hope it all goes away (only joking before I get loads of 'don't give ups')

4. STOP overthinking......

Seriously tho am so flippin undecided, practical advise needed (please not 'you got this') before my small brain implodes.

Thank you in advance,

PS good vibes to everyone running today.

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Certainly you don't stop everything Hepsibah, never use the fail word here on C25K, you can repeat any runs or week's if you wish to, if you are feeling fine by all means go and run, run 3 of week 6, once you have completed it you will be very proud of yourself and be officially a runner.

I choose options 1 and 4 😁

Don't worry about not being able to finish, it's a waste of energy thinking about it.

Just give it a go- the worst that can happen is you have a slightly shorter run than you planned, which would still be a run. (There are other random worse things, but they don't need listing here 😅)

Maybe the thought of dropping the intervals is giving you too much to think about? I found that this was the point that I really got into a nice groove.

Good luck 🤞🏼

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Another vote here for options 1 and 4If you completed run 2 then YOU ARE READY for run 3

So this is where option 4 comes in 😁

Trust the program, it works !

Just take it slow , and then slower again .

Remember you should run at a pace where you can speak full sentences without gasping for breath !

Go smash it 👍

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Trust the C25K program, it works! and have faith in your ability. 25 minutes may seem long and hard, but if you’ve followed the plan you should be able to do it. Perhaps slow down a bit and focus on your breathing and a regular pace. Go for it.

3.34km?!? Slow down girl! (I did 2.91 including the walking bits 🤣).

(((((Positive Vibes!!)))))

You’ve got this buddy 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃🏼

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Hepsibah in reply to Dee2609

That was with the walking bits too!!!I do got this don’t I. 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

Cheers m’dear.

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Number 4 -trust the plan.

If you get tired just run really slowly- just concentrateon the next step if you get tired. You can always managed one more step!

I vote with the others- options 1 and 4 all the way! Except change option 1 to “Do W6R3 as per plan- and I will finish it as W6R2 was such good training for it and I became fitter already this week!”

Good Luck!

I'd be tempted to stick to the programme, so carry on and do run 3, and then if you do find it's too much, then you can repeat 2 or 3. The programme is a good one so have some faith in yourself, but it's also not a problem repeating any part of it. It could also be that run 2 didn't work for you because it was an off day. I had a great run on Monday, having not run for four days, then a much slower run on Wednesday, for no reason I could think of except just not feeling it.

Good luck.

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Absolutely just one thing to do: Keep Calm and Carry On!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Like others have said - you have got this. Give it a go and enjoy that sense of achievement - giving it a shot is already a win!!! Good luck.

W6r3 is a very daunting thought but the obstacle you are struggling with is mental, not physical. You absolutely are physically capable of this run but the absence of the safety blanket of the walk in the middle is terrifying. You’ve got to trust your ability and go for it. If you get tired slow down. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Psyche yourself up, repeat ‘I am absolutely capable of this’ every time you have a doubt. Make sure you’re rested and hydrated before you set off. Just try.

Let us know how you get on.

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CmoiGraduate in reply to Oldbadknees

W5R3 is actually the first run without walking breaks though, not W6R3 🙂

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Hepsibah in reply to Cmoi

Oh blimey yes I know that!! Nearly killed me, hence my avoidance of 25 mins solid. 😂😅😂😂😂😂😂

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CmoiGraduate in reply to Hepsibah

While I can understand why no walking break can feel intimidating, you sound as though you're talking yourself into needing one! What worked for me was mentally breaking the run down into smaller chunks, for example 10 + 10 + 5 for 25 minutes. In fact I still do it now when I'm running (much) longer distances, only bigger chunks.

Also, if you're struggling with breathing, slow down more. Drinking loads of water should help with heavy, achy legs too. Hope your next run goes well 🙂

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Hepsibah in reply to Oldbadknees

Thank U, you are the ONLY person that has acknowledged the lack of walk in the middle. I thought I was going bonkers cos people kept going on about the total amount of minutes run. So NOT the point!! But it’s not terrifying me it’s depressing me…

I have been saying one foot in front of other to keep me going.

I suppose what I’m really waiting for is the fun of it that I keep reading about. It’s still all such a flippin effort!!!

But thank you for responding.

Good luck on your journey too.

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GranspeedGraduate in reply to Hepsibah

IMHO it IS an effort. After all, you are going from nowhere to half an hour of running in just 9 weeks, ok? But it’s an effort well worth making. I started to feel it was - maybe not fun, but getting easier about week 7. And by the time I’d got my completion badge and done a few consolidation runs, I was seriously addicted. Don’t know if that’s something to look forward to 🤣 but it happens a lot. You have been warned.

On the “fail” front: the correct terminology is “practise run”. We all do ‘em from time to time. It’s a run that doesn’t go according to plan. Usually turns out to be a reason, but not always. Just go for your plan, and if it doesn’t quite work out as you planned, learn something. Take a rest day. And come back. Happy running from a 🐢.

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Hepsibah in reply to Granspeed


Weirdly it has got more enjoyable for me the further I get. I hated the first couple of weeks then around week 3 decided I’d try a new mindset. I just told myself there MUST be something enjoyable about running or people wouldn’t do it. Something clicked and I’ve become an evangelistic C25K running bore since then 😂There’s something about the longer runs, you’re no longer waiting to be told to slow dow or run so your mind can sort of find its own pace and almost, I don’t know the right word, maybe meditate?

Instead of thinking about one foot in front of the other your body takes over, the act of running sort of goes into the background leaving your mind able to think, look around, take in the scenery and feel the sense of wonder that you’re actually doing this.

It’s a very interesting process, finding out what your body can do with a bit of training and effort.

As your fitness increases it seems to get easier. Today I was trying to run rather than jog at the end of my 30 minute w9r3, just because it felt really good to stretch my legs, it was a beautiful morning and I just wanted to. If you told me this three months ago I’d have laughed in your face, it’s so unexpected.

I really hope you get to enjoy your running, if you’ve got this far with gritted teeth I’m full of admiration at your perseverance! Good luck!

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Hepsibah in reply to Oldbadknees

You do sound convincing…hoping I’ll feel that some day.

I am on week 6 Run 2 next but I try not to put any pressure on myself. If I feel it is time to run I run. I think I did run 1 week 6 Sunday so I am leaving longer gaps now but I also fit in physio. I will definitely not complete the programme within 9 weeks but for me that's fine. Good luck with it and I am sure I will be there next week or maybe the week after 😀

If you’re running slowly enough, there really isn’t that much physical difference between the walking breaks and running through, it’s just a mental difference, promise! It’s definitely an intimidating run but your body really is ready for it, just try to have something distracting to think about or something to listen to so you’re not counting the minutes.

I bet you’ll surprise yourself in week 6 when you start to see the walking intervals as annoying because they interrupt your flow!