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Why can't I just stick with it

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This is it. My last-ditch attempts at making positive changes to my lifestyle and lacklustre approach to exercise. I can't say I love to exercise, but I enjoy it whenever I am on a roll and feel much better for it. I'm hoping that this time I will stick with it and not find a reason to stagnate.

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Keep posting your ribs here, we will keep cheering you on and you will progress, just take it slow

I started well doing the Strength and Flex and completed the 5 levels, but things tailed off and then I lost motivation. I will keep coming back to the community to make sure I stay motivated. Thanks for responding.👍😀

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Denner2

I found it became a bit addictive, like, I’d write about my run (not rib as in previous comment) and a few people would say well done and I’d feel I’d achieved something, then I’d get to the point I’d think “I better run, then I can write about it, and the comments encourage me” so cheering each other on helps to keep us motivated 😀

And then it just becomes habit

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nowsterGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

That's what happened to me too. It also encouraged me to remember things about the run, so I could write about them later.

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to nowster

Hey 😀I think of things on the run then forget them when I get home

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BaddieThePirateGraduate in reply to WillowandSola

I did exactly the same, but lost the habit. The nice thing is you can pick up again. And again. Oh, and again 😁

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to BaddieThePirate

And that’s what’s so good about it

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CBDBGraduate in reply to Denner2

Well done. Are you aware that we have a dedicated sister forum all about Strength and Flex? Feel welcomed to join us. healthunlocked.com/strength...

We also do a daily Yoga, healthunlocked.com/strength...

and this all helps to make running easier!

Feel welcomed!

When Parkrun restarts, you could give that a go. It really helps to have running buddies, and people who don’t look bored when you talk about running. And breakfast to look forward to after Parkrun.

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Running-ringsGraduate in reply to BaddieThePirate

Haha my husband listens to my first sentence when I come in from a run, and then nope, that's enough running talk for him 😂😂😂

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PlattszoGraduate in reply to Running-rings


I had registered with Parkrun in Milton Keynes and joined when I moved back to London but then lockdown happened.

Hi Denner2👋 Like the others said, posting about your runs or just joining in on the chats here might be the motivation you need to stay coming back. The forum is a really supportive place and everyone is welcoming and helpful. I read your bio- maybe joining a running club would be the social aspect you might be looking for (if they are back open in the UK..?). I'm not great to keep up with exercise classes- I'd go to one or two and love it, but then just not return, maybe down to social anxiety. So far I've stuck with the running and pre-covid, a social dance class that was as much about dancing as having the craic!😄 Hopefully you'll get hooked on Couch to 5k like I am!!

I found finding a route I liked really helped me as it distracted me from thinking about the run and the timings to looking around me and seeing things I don’t normally have time to or just enjoying listening to my own music alone and not nursery rhymes with 2 small people hanging off me. Try to think on what you will get from your run and being outside and that helped me get out x

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tmbtrainGraduate in reply to Mumofgirlies2

Yes this is very good point. I'm currently running beside a busy road and now I'm reading things on this forum and seeing other folks beautiful pics of woods and fields where they are running. Its my next move anyway to help stay motivated.

I'm the same, but I have reached 45 over weight really unhealthy and terribly self loathing of my body, if we don't make the change now we never will, we can do this 😁😁😁😁

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Hmm have the same problem... the motivation comes and goes . Wish I could keep it going... but I do like your writing idea

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You aren't alone, sometimes I'm alternating daily yoga and running and sometimes it's chocolate, wine and sofa with no exercise in sight! It's hard. Never regretted exercising often regretted chocolate!

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Slimmerme2021 in reply to Clh232

I love that statement about never regret a run but you do chocolate!!! I'm going to remember that one.

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tmbtrainGraduate in reply to Clh232

😂 absolutely

I have a really supportive cousin who started running some years ago to get fit. ( he now competes in triathlons)I send him a text when I have completed a run and how I felt. He always replies positively whether I missed a run or not.

He is my gatekeeper, someone who I feel accountable to and guilty if I don't push my sorry ass out of the door .I'm a great procrastinator.

Maybe you could find someone you trust to enable you and do the same. ?

Good luck and keep going.

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I hear you! I don’t love exercise but I do love the feeling I get from it. It is really important to me to establish a routine with it, I still run on the same days I did the CT5K programme on, and it seems to work for me. If I know I’m running on those set days the rest of my life has to fall in around that.

The advice I’d offer would be to not beat yourself up about anything, it’s exercise... find the fun in it.

Find a route you enjoy, keep it simple and if you stick with it you’ll see that you will progress & improve quite quickly.

As other have said, keep posting about your runs and we will keep you motivated. We want to hear how you’re getting on (good & bad), there’s a wealth of experience on this forum and I’m sure that no matter how you feel or what you do, someone else has felt or done the same.

Do it for yourself - you are so very worth the effort! ♥️

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When I don't feel like it, I tell myself "it's only thirty minutes. Laura says you can do this" 😁 I also text a friend that I know will text back a motivating comment.

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Do please keep on with it!. There are so many positive benefits. I think that the hardest thing is getting into the habit. Pace doesnt matter at all, but if you do it continously for about 8 weeks you will probably become a little bit addicted. Just being out in the fresh air, thinking your thoughts is very beneficial. The really most important ( and hardest) thing is that YOU have decided to change something for the better. Keep posting, maybe take some pictures as you run ( its a great excuse to get your breath back). Most of us have been there too with low motivation but thats just the gremlins talking. Nasty little sods but they can be suppressed! Good luck and see you out there.

I was exactly the same then I became ill and it was a shock so do twice a week don’t beat myself up and I gave up every time before it’s changing your way of thinking you CAN do this just keep going and everyone here supports each other x

Even the most committed runners/exercisers have changes in motivation and levels of activity. The most important thing is to respond to how you feel whether you feel like running or resting or picking up a dumbbell... and don't beat yourself up. Sometimes it's about going to a new place or finding a new activity or it's about getting into a routine or finding a community or friend like this one. You're the master of your own rules - go with that.

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Are you a mom?

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Lots of good advice under your post! I've given up running so many times in the past and never really getting past a certain point (about 25mins). Motivation is a funny one. I lose mine when I have a bad run and tell myself I cant do it. Then I stop for a year or more then gradually think I can maybe do it this time. Have a bad run then stop again. Years go by in this way! This time I'm reading this forum and hoping all the advice and encouragement will help. Certainly seems to be so far. Hopefully for you too!

I've been on the same merry go round since my late teens late 40s now but I think I've changed my attitude towards exercise from just being on here a few wks . One day at a time lovely xx

I know I know. Same here! Although, in the past few years I´ve had a number of operations on different parts of my body, so much less opportunity to run. Then there´s the Viennese weather: rain, rain, rain, sunshine until I´m out on the street, rain .... Like today and the next 10 days (so they say). I´m always "starting" and that´s frustrating. Sometimes I just enjoy what I can do and sometimes I´m even happy and proud of myself (runners high 🤣 )

Covid-19 isn´t helping at all - nor are the people- not distancing. Hence, I run on the nearby cemetary without mask, where noone bothers me, everyone strolling along also watches out for others.

The gym has been closed for ever so long and is expected to open on 19th. BUT, until I´m immunized, fairly soon, I´m not breathing in other people´s microbes and viruses. (Added feature: Antibodies against my dsDNA, yay. )

I enjoy running, I love doing various exercises in between and enjoy the many trees. Plus, I get the best ideas ever! (designs)

Thanks for reading all of this. I feel much better now and look forward to my next run - in the sun! Hope you´re all well and .... get going 🏃🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ ✌️

I never stick to things like this I got to end of week 6 and wasn’t well so had 2 weeks off but I’ve restarted at beginning of week 5 last Friday and I’m proud of myself, think of how proud you’ll be of yourself when you complete this and then how much fitter you’ll feel too, I just know you can do it, change your mindset, you got this, don’t stop when you’re tired stop when you’re done 🙌🏼

Good morning! Probably doesn’t help having the rain but as my daughter says when I bail ‘you’re not made of sugar!’ It can be so difficult to find motivation but you can do it! I find a time that suits me - first thing in the morning but my daughter goes in the evening, and I don’t let anything get in the way of my time or change it. And wow it definitely works. My mental health is so much better my confidence is increased and I’ve lost a stone. Also I’m more supple and agile - important at our age. 3 times a week I do 30 minute runs (chugs - I’m very slow!) So go out there and do it for you! Good luck! Carolyn X

you got 30 replies, I hope you areal fixed,




I think it is about pain ratio to reward from excise, no? you maybe on left side of it

I cracked it when I developed a routine: i.e. doing a run or something like a strengthening exercise every day (roughly the same time in the morning or evening). I also recommend logging in a diary what you're achieving. Continuity is key. Also keep telling us what you're achieving / struggling with and we'll give you encouragement. Doing this on your own is hard.

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You're not finding reasons to stagnate. You're making excuses to stagnate. There is a big difference

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Denner2 in reply to Pete1w

Oh that's so harsh. Now I really will have to make an effort😀

Hi I completed c5kend of last year.Done no running through Christmas holidays put lots weight on large tummy lol Just restarted couch to 5k from beginning need push myself x

It’s the natural way to change, it’s like getting bent out of shape, to form something completely different. It took me 12 attempts to become vegan, too many mistakes to stop over eating. A 100 mistakes to look out for me.. years to go to bed and get enough sleep. I think life is really about trying and failing over and over again until you succeed. Most people are in a stat of failing, until they succeed. That song by frank Sinatra is the truest ‘I did it my way’ you will find your own way and wonder how everything came together!

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I have found this community fantastic just for the fact that someone will be feeling or have felt like you - their comments have kept me going.I’m 56 and I feel like this is the first thing I’ve achieved for a very long time -not a runner, not a consistent exercise person either but, just finished plan yday but, will keep going and keep up on here—- it’s a positive place to be.

Admire you giving it a go - give it your best and don’t give up on yourself - bit by bit you will get there - no rush. Good luck 😊

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You have lots of amazing advice posted for you by the lovely people on this forum (its truly amazing for it's positivity isn't it?)

The only addition from be is to be gentle on yourself.... you know, people have dips in motivation, it's part of being human.... it's getting back up and trying again that counts. 🤗🤗

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