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Hi, I could have kept going today W5 / R2 but kept to the program. Just had a look at the next run and I thought it must be an error W5 / R3 for 20 minutes none stop how did that jump so steep I’ll need an ambulance! Lisa

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I thought so too. You will amaze yourself the program works to get you there.

Set your pace no matter how slow and it works. You can do it if I can I have never run like this and I am almost there.

LisaJDee in reply to QuiltsC25K

I do usually look forward to my next run but I’m panicking!

Well done you what week are you on?

Yaxham in reply to LisaJDee

You can do it, I thought that but I did it and I found it better than running then walking etc. I'm now on W6R3 tomorrow which is 25 minutes. I know I can do it,. Before I started I couldn't even walk to the end of my road. This plan is brilliant. You can do this

LisaJDee in reply to Yaxham

Thank you and well done. Enjoy W6/R3


Just pootle along slowly & you will amaze yourself. 😄

LisaJDee in reply to Elfe5

Thanks I’m already slow but I suppose if I just push myself that bit more for longer 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

nowsterGraduate in reply to LisaJDee

Don't push, just pootle. You did a longer duration in W5R2 when you count the walk in the middle.

LisaJDee in reply to nowster

Thank you 👍🏼

Elfe5Graduate in reply to LisaJDee

Maybe thinking “relaxed & gentle” is more helpful than “pushing yourself”.

I found it helpful to go slower than my usual pace,( & I was already very slow) - that feeling of “I could go faster but I’m choosing not to”. That way you will conserve your energy to last right through. I also broke it into 5 minute bites in my mind & kept telling myself that “I know I can run for 5 mins”.

Some people find 4or 5 favourite music tracks that last 20 minutes to be distracted by. 😄

LisaJDee in reply to Elfe5

Great advice thanks so much 👍🏼

spongecatGraduate in reply to LisaJDee

You really might amaze yourself! As the app says about it you should have enough stamina now to do this 20 minutes. I was incredulous too and stunned and overjoyed when I did it. There is no too slow, just lope along and don't give in to going faster or think you are "doing it wrong" because you perceive yourself going too slowly. Slow reaps the benefits!

I found that trying not to peek what the upcoming runs were helped. I'd shut the front door, switch on the app and Michael would drop the bombshell! By then it was more a case of "ach, let's do it!" rather than knowing beforehand and stewing about it. We can be our own worst enemies sometimes for talking ourselves out of something when we do actually have remarkable resilience that is in us but may have not been used for some time! :D

The fact that you said "I could have kept going today W5 / R2" shows that you are ready. You have already done 2x8 mins this will teach you to push yourself, even if it feels a little uncomfortable, the reward is immense.

Go for it and enjoy! 🍀

LisaJDee in reply to Elfe5

Thank you 👍🏼


Welcome to the forum and well done

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

In respect of W5, this post explains it all.

Enjoy your journey.

Great thank you 👍🏼


You won't need an ambulance Lisa, trust the program, it has prepared you for this run, take run 3 of week 5 slow and steady, once you have completed it you will be very proud of yourself and know that you will graduate in around 4 weeks time.

LisaJDee in reply to AlMorr

Thank you 🙏

This was my question too, but I did it and a 25 min straight through ,you can do it , I've stopped myself checking out the next run until I do it saves the panic, but i feel it too 💪💪

Good advice thank you 🙏


W5R3... just go steady, enjoy it and, like the rest of us, you'll be grinning at yourself as you warm down... It seems such a hurdle but it's really a springboard! Be kind to yourself too, avoid injury, push the envelope just a bit, every time...don't do anything daft - until afterwards! Go for it!😉👍😅

Notarunner1982Graduate in reply to JoePhoto

Love this analogy - not a hurdle but a springboard! I too stewed for a couple of days about the sudden leap up to 20 mins, but taking it slow I actually found it easier than a couple of the previous runs! I'm now about to start wk 8 with 28 min runs, and already feeling like 20 mins would be easy now - you progress so quickly!! Keep going x

Thank you 👍🏼

LisaJDee in reply to JoePhoto

Good advice thanks 🙏

Please trust the programme I'm on week 7 and yes I felt I wanted to run on I'm now doing a whole week of 25min it's to build u up till the 30min runs x happy running

Thank you and enjoy 👍🏼


You can do it, be positive as you will be chuffed when you finish the first run. It is a jump up in time but the programme does work. I felt the same when I got to that stage and graduated a few weeks ago.

LisaJDee in reply to mango37

Thank you and well done 👍🏼


In retrospect I loved this run (maybe not so much whilst I was doing it!) But just wait until you've finished it. Good luck!

LisaJDee in reply to Dilwil

Thank you hopefully I will feel the same 🙏

I’m a bit worried too. I’m about to start week 5 and the increased running time seems a huge jump from week 4 . I’m 60 and have never ever run before.

Sniffy25Graduate in reply to Im60

Don’t worry, all the advice given makes sense. Spend some time reading all the encouragement on the forum. We are all at different levels but all give pretty much the same advice, trust the plan and don’t go too fast. It works and when you graduate and look back you will feel so proud of yourself, as I am sure you are already, and I’m sure you will offer advice to others who have doubts. Half way through, how did that happen. Enjoy your next run and remember to breath. 😀

LisaJDee in reply to Sniffy25

Thank you I’m already reaping the wellness benefits especially mentally 👍🏼

Im60 in reply to Sniffy25

👍 thank you

Elfe5Graduate in reply to Im60

I started at 58, having never run before. Just go gently & slowly & listen to your body. 😄 If you haven’t already, have a look on YouTube at the Japanese slow running clips – I found them very helpful because it made me realise just how slowly it is possible to go and therefore to feel more comfortable.

(Now at 61, I’m building up to 10k along with many others in our age group.) 😉😄

LisaJDee in reply to Elfe5

Thank you for this great advice and well done you are an inspiration. I’m having a good look at YouTube it’s a new discovery for me 👍🏼

Im60 in reply to Elfe5

Thank you I’ll have a look xx

nowsterGraduate in reply to Im60

Don't worry about week 5. You've already done the hardest part in getting through week 4.

LisaJDee in reply to nowster

Thank you 👍🏼

Im60 in reply to nowster


LisaJDee in reply to Im60

Well done you. Keep us uptodate. After all this brilliant advice I’m looking forward to it👍🏼

I haven’t much to add to the fab comments you’ve already received, well done in getting this far, I did my 5R3 on Thursday and I was incredulous as you but honestly trust the program but mire importantly trust yourself, your legs will go into an auto mode and keep pumping leaving you to keep that little voice at bay. You are good enough and you will do this, I did and so have loads of other people just like you.

LisaJDee in reply to Jcksam

Well done and thank you 👍🏼


You can do it, like you I thought it was a massive jump, but as others have said , the programme has you prepared for it.

When I did that run it felt great. It made me think that completing C25K was a reality. As you progress from week to week you will amaze yourself.

Following the advice of others on this forum, slow and steady is definitely the way to go. I have got it wrong a couple of times and gone too fast, it’s not a good feeling. So pace yourself and breath ( I was advised this by many of fellow runners on the forum) it works.

Good luck, have a great run and enjoy 👍🏻😃

LisaJDee in reply to Dups

Thank you 👍🏼

I think this shocks everyone, it did me. I'm on my last run tomorrow so still a newbie. You will be able to do it. I know it sounds mad but looking back it some ways it's "easier" to do continuous running at a steady pace rather than stop start

Good luck with your 20 minute run

LisaJDee in reply to Wigsy

Thank you and well done enjoy your last run 👍🏼


Yeah, I agree. But trust your body to know better than your brain and go with it. That's what I did yesterday and it worked😁

LisaJDee in reply to Blondefox

Thank you and well done 🙏


I think that's probably everyone's response to the part or the programme, but as MJ said "you can do it, I know you can do it "


I thought the same but strangely it works. You will be buzzing all day


You can do it. I too made the mistake of always looking ahead each week and panicking!! Every time! It was at week 5 I finally learned to pace myself and take the running slowly. I actually listened to Laura saying, "It's only a light jog." :D :D You are definitely ready and able to do it. You'll be thrilled afterwards. I went from nearly being sick on week 1 to being able to do it - you can't be as bad as me. XX Good Luck, don't stop XX

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