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The Hill of Recovery....



Today I went another 4 mile walk. Integrating a nice run up a small hill in the hope that my calves will stop being whiny little urchins! I ran up it like a spring lamb!

I’m really enjoying the brisk walking. It’s only 3.5mph but it’s really quite satisfying and it gets the heart pumping. A few solid weeks of this and I’m hoping that my legs will strengthen. Even though they look pretty solid already. I suspect I have short calves, but i digress.

As a teenager, believe it or not, I was a very good runner. My years of sloth have caught up with me!

I hope you’re all well 👍

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That looks like a lovely walk route to do. Glad you enjoyed it. I love walking and try to do a 4 mile walk with the dog most days. It’s good for me mentally 😊

Maxi80 in reply to TopCat22

I take my dog out for 15 minutes. He’s only small with a heart murmur so that’s plenty! These walks are for me!

Maxi80 in reply to TopCat22

PS shouldn’t we have legs of steel 😂

TopCat22 in reply to Maxi80

Ha ha!

Apparently, though, a lot of the muscles used in running are different to the ones used in walking! 🤣

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