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Climbing that mental hill again

Running has been a bit off and on of late. I am coming through a number of injuries, and am having to ramp up my distance again, which is proving harder than I thought. I really thought I would only have to climb the 'mental hill of 30 minutes' once, but I seem to be doing it again. I am close, but I only managed 4.2Km today, with some short walks in it. Has anybody else experienced this, and more importantly got back up that hill?

I think part of my problem is that I have put a bit of weight on (working away doesn't help), and not running to maintain the weight either. Oh, and the other problem is these cold mornings make for a very runny nose, so breathing through the mouth all the time.

That all said, I feel good for the run, and will be out again on Wednesday morning.

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Great - the last line is the positive one - well done for getting out there and you did 4.2k that is fab.

The mental battle is quite strange - I love it when i am back from a run- but I can dither and procrastinate to get out the door. The mental battle of continuous running is one I still battle with- I now don't fight it too much - I take a breather have a quick drink - then back on the running. As for the cold weather - I have struggled. I have gloves- winter leggings and a buff has been suggested to cover mouth while running. I haven't yet got one - but my lungs seem to have adjusted to the cold air whooshing in and out. I guess the mental battle I have overcome is by setting myself a challenge - which means I have to keep running. I aim to be out three times a week - two short runs in week and then a longer endurance run at weekend. I am aiming for 7 miles by xmas. Join the real foodie club quest - that is certainly keeping me focussed.

So look fwd to your Wednesday run- there are lots of folks who would not even contemplate it.

glad to have you back:-)


OMG - all of that sounded just like me.

Dragging myself out of bed to get out in the cold and dark is a challenge in it's own right, then keeping focussed on completing the run is always hard. I don't like to take a break in my run, because I feel like I have not done a proper run. Which is just ridiculous, cos I am doing way more than a lot of people.

Thanks for your encouragement, I feel motivated to get out tomorrow. (Assuming tonight's meal out is not too heavy - working away is such a drag)


Well done... It's about achieving what you want out of your running and with determination you will get there... Running is hard... And it's about finding that something in you to give just a bit more each time and pushing yourself... And in doing that you are already are doing fab well done :)


Thanks for saying the one thing that really clicked. 'Running is hard'. But worth it of course. :) I feel better for knowing that someone else feels the same way.

I am being v. careful not too push myself on too hard, and too soon. I don't want to aggravate my injury, and go back to square one again.You are right though, I need to set myself some achievement goals, and build them up over a number of runs.


I had a few weeks off with holiday and sheer idleness really. Have been back at it for 3-4 weeks but still not got beyond 23 mins - and I was doing an hour before. I went back to wk5 in the end and have to say last couple of times out have felt much better so think I will get there. Personally I find the cold easier than the heat but I am now wondering if I am going to have to run every 2-3 days for the rest of my life- feel too nervous about ever having a break again!!! Good luck to you I'm sure you will get there.


I have found my running is a great way to keep my weight/shape in check. I hate dieting, not that I need to, but dieting does not fit with my love of food and eating. Running though makes it all work, until I cut back, and forgot to cut back the eating.


I know exactly what you mean and how you feel Nerdio. I too have had a series of injuries and have found it mighty difficult to get back out on the cold streets running. But I am slowly getting back to my thrice weekly morning run, albeit at a lesser distance than previously. Annoyingly since not being able to run that much of late, I'm getting fatter and have managed to put on 7lbs in two months! I'm soooooo pis**d off at myself and as my love of food and vino is so massive, I'd find it impossible to diet!

Sending good vibes your way and lots of encouragement!


I've had a string of health issues over the last three months and every time I think I am back out there again something else seems to strike, so I sympathise - especially about the 30-minute hill. I too thought that I had conquered this, and yet tomorrow I will try - again - to get close. I'll be out there tomorrow morning, so I'll send some positive vibes your way as I puff along! The great thing is that you are still out there doing your best. That's all anyone can ask :)


I'm on my third come back this year as I've written on your posts before and it is disheartening to move back a few paces - at one stage in the dim and distant past 5k was a short run for me which I can't quite get my head around. This time I've accepted my loss of fitness more realistically, I walked when I needed it and dropped all timing/measurement, just got out there and did what I could - like yourself I'm still wary of flaring up the injury. It's taken time and effort to get back up that 30 minute hill but yes it does come back, keep the faith!


I'm back too, after injury. Hope to get to 30mins this week but was very wary at first about injuring myself again. If it helps, even though my ankle gave me jip to start with it is getting better & I started icing it again recently after the run whether I felt I needed it or not & it feels even better. Look after the injury but don't get disheartened.


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