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Tracking distance


Hi, I’m new to Couch to 5k and just wondered if there was a way to get the app track your distance? Thanks.

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You might want to get Strava if the app doesn't do it.

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Thank you.


I have strava - that tracks distance and pace.... You have to remember to turn it on (D'ohhh I paused mine by mistake) can be a bit fiddly but it does the job!... but if you want to track just your running then you have to turn it on and off for the warm up 5 min at the start and turn it off immediately after the running

I also have a simple steps app on my phone - that also counts the distance in the background

Hope this helps :-)

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Thank you, very helpful.

Don't forget to turn Strava off in apps when you are not using it or it will run your battery down a lot.

Thanks for the tip- didn't know that!... I"m still learning all these running/exercise apps! :-)

Go into apps and force stop it..

You are welcome. 😊

I’m using NRC Nike running club it’s really good, free and easy to use. X

I've never used it but hear from a few people that it's good.


Strava, mapmyrun or runkeeper all work well.

Good luck 👍


Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

The app does not track distance only completed sessions, but there is a list of apps known to work with the NHS app in the guide.

Enjoy your journey.

I use Strava, like the others suggested, it’s great to use in sequence with the podcast because you can set it to tell you as you reach each km


I use Nike run as you can set for distance or time and it gives you part way through feedback ie you have reached mid way, or 1 mile etc. I also use Runkeeper on silent as I like the clear displays and you can set for a run or walk etc. Both are free.

Same I used Strava at the same time but have since changed ti Adidas as I don’t find it as fiddling !

Good luck It’s very rewarding to actually see the distance!

Have used Free runkeeper app for years Does the job.

I use strava. There is a free version and it tracks your route and time. 😊


I use the Nike Run Club app too. I'm a fair weather runner (!), so I do some runs on a treadmill. It's the only app I've found that can track your distance and pace on the treadmill as well as outdoors.

I use AllTrails. Very nice app but not specifically for running.

I use MapMyFitness ... in addition to the usual stuff like time, distance, pace, map of route done etc. it allows you to track other forms of exercise you may be doing. Although I’ve had it for years, it’s been a bit hit and miss ... not because of the app ... it’s been me not doing the exercise for it to log! It’s really easy to use but I second the point about remembering to stop the logging - I forgot and it tracked my drive to the supermarket too!!

I use MapMyRun, set it for a run, walk etc tracks your distance, records Calories ( if you want it to) free and easy to use and you can save it to look back on your achievements , good luck whatever you choose 😁


Yep another Strava user here, we even have our own group you can join


Hi all, I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to reply to my question about tracking distance. Lots of helpful tips and advice given. Thank you all.

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