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Advice please


Is anyone else 59 ? How is it going and any tips or encouragement?

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I don't know, but a lot of used to be a long time ago.........

Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and in it you will find mention of an 83 year old graduate.

Enjoy your journey.



Welcome. I’m not 59... but we’ve had people in their 80s do this!

Most of your questions will be answered here, so take some time to do some reading... runners improve just by reading too!

The main thing to remember is that this plan takes you from the couch to being a runner... we don’t start this a super fit athletes, far from it. Run at a slow comfortable pace where you can still speak in ungasping sentences... anything faster than that will make this very difficult, and won’t develop your muscles or fitness as rapidly. If in doubt, slow down.

You can do this... enjoy your journey.

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Just started and I’m 57. I have only done run 1 and about to go out for week 2. Got music and quiet streets. Just do your own pace, take it slow, sing, smile whatever.

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Well done for getting out there it’s the starting I’m dteading

Hi Sugaru.

I’m 57 and diagnosed in January with some heart problems (nothing too severe But requiring some lifestyle changes). Bad diet, sedentary and stressful lifestyle.

I started the programme in February and today completed W7R2. I have lost nearly 49 pounds in weight and the programme has been an intrinsic part of that.

All I can say is if I can do it anyone can. Follow it carefully and trust in it. It works! Some days will feel harder, some easier. Don’t get too ahead of yourself or too dispirited when this happens.

Don’t worry about your speed or distance covered, just don’t stop. If you want, you can focus on the rest later. Just take one run at a time and they will soon add up.

Age and fitness level is irrelevant, motivation and commitment is all.

One of the best things I’ve ever done. You won’t regret it.

Best wishes

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Wow you’ve gone really well that inspires me


I started just before my 60th birthday! One of the best things I've ever done! Go for it!

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Heading that way hence the determination

Hi i m nearly there. Im on week 6. It is doable, im just slow. When i m confortable with 30 Min i Will need to ensure It is 5 k. You can do it

Slows better than stopped!

I used to be fifty nine-that was fifteen years ago. I've never run before , and am enjoying it. I need to get some shoes though, not my old trainers.I'm looking forward to the delivery and hope they fit. Can't get to a shops , of course. I'll be doing the second run of week 3 on Saturday, I hope. Bike day tomorrow. All this is because of virus rules. I hope to be fitter at the end of it all.

Well done that’s great hope the trainers fit, I have trainers but not sure they’re going to be great for running .

I will be 60 in October and far too heavy. Am on week 5 - run 2 tomorrow. Surprised at how much I’ve managed so far but .... tomorrow looks difficult though. I would recommend to anyone x

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Well done you must feel very pleased with your self

Hi Sugaru - I'm sort of on the cusp of starting! I am prepping by running just a little - my first few 'runs' were just 50 steps once or twice during my morning dog walk. I can now comfortably (but very slowly!) run 150 steps (i.e. run for 1 minute) at a time and am building up the number of times I can do this per session to get me to the position where I am comfortable attempting Week 1 Run 1. I am no spring chicken - I am also very unfit and know that I need slow progress - but - guess what - I'm moving! I'm doing a bit of running. And it feels good! Wishing you lots of luck - keep us posted on how you get on? x

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You too. Still putting off starting but am managing my 10000 steps walk per day . Presently often all at once in my one daily outing.

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Just start. During your walk tomorrow. Do whatever you think you can do - 50 steps, 20 or simply 10. 10 steps - as slow as you like - what's stopping you? You can do this! Good luck Sugaru! x

I am not far behind you ( 58 ) and only started running in Feb. Not run since school and just completed week 5 . You will be fine keep it slow and you will soon surprise yourself

Remember to enjoy it it’s not a race 😀


The C25K programme is brilliantly designed and it will work for you. As other have said take it slowly, make sure you observe the rest days from running and slowly you will start to love this running lark. I was 62 when I started. Now I am running 10k plus and thinking of longer distances. Like you I was hesitant in actually starting but when I got back from Week 1 Run 1 I was on such a high. So trust in the programme, trust in yourself and in I look forward to seeing the shiny graduate badge next to your name.

I started two years ago in May aged 64, type 1 diabetic and having had coronary bypass surgery. The programme is incredibly well designed. It took me from not having run for nigh on 30 years to running reasonably fluently for 30 minutes. Two years on and I’m running every other day, barely needing insulin, and fitter at 66 than I was at 46. Take it steady and above all enjoy it. It can be life changing.

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