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Please don't do this on your runs


Hi Peeps.

Week 8 Run 2

Enjoying the progress and quiet.

Enjoying the spring weather.

The only thing I noticed of late that's annoyed me is the presence of human spit along various routes I've taken. Has anyone else seen this disgusting behaviour too? Unspeakable in the present climate!

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Glad ur doing something healthy for urself but I’m an RN and we’ll versed in science-obviously...and I think people should stay inside. I think we are dealing with a very virulent virus that may be worse than measles was, something that may linger in the air for “aerosol” type, think of fog for example..water particles lingering in the air for an extended period of time. I’ve only went out for emergencies and finally have some masks coming in the mail(I don’t work right now, I’m disabled or I would have some from work!), and I’m only doing important things outside of the house and with a mask. I also heard(not sure how accurate it is, need to look it up) that burning sage can kill 85% of germs in the air-if this is true I’ve got quite a bit and will be burning some regularly thruout the house....God Bless

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Take care, Whale-water. I hope you have a good support network.


It's a disgusting thing at any time, but many runners do it.

Personally, I intend to continue following government advice to the letter - one period of exercise a day, avoiding other human beings as much as I can. If the advice changes, I will change my behaviour.

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That’s the attitude we should all have in my opinion Speedy60, I’m 100% on the same path

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It’s better than the snot rocket I guess 🤣🤣🤣


Totally agree, it’s disgusting at anytime but at the mo it should be a criminal offence!


I agree too! I thought spitting was illegal already.

Well done on your run.

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