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How much rest before needing to start over?


So I did W2R1 on Monday and my ankle, mainly my Achilles has been hurting since. It is mostly ok now and could prob run at some point over weekend. But I was thinking about playing it safe and not running till Monday which I will then start week 2 again from r1. I’ve read on here you don’t lose conditioning in 2weeks, but since I’ve only had a week running do I need to repeat week 1?

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You should be fine to resume on Monday... assuming you’re pain free. Fitness levels rise surprisingly quickly when we start running. Just go deliberately slowly when you run, be kind to that ankle and stop if it reacts.


You should be ok to start wk2 on Monday, if you have any pain just stop. Good luck 😊

Hi Steve you can do it! It doesn’t matter how long it takes ! I i have a problem with my Achilles and bought inner soles for my running trainers - I found this helped for me .

-Steve-Graduate in reply to Sammy-Lou

Thanks. I will look into that if it continues to be a problem.


Think I’m gonna need a couple weeks off. I’m still limping around when I’m doing anything more than walking slow. I’ve just ordered an ankle support.

It’s frustrating that I’ve only just started and picked up an injury, I wanted to get into a rhythm. But at same time running with ankle pain could cause longer problems.

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