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So I’ve just completed week one on C25K and I really struggled with it and I am apprehensive to move on to the second week in fear it’ll be much harder but I don’t want to keep repeating week 1 either, help!

Also I don’t know how to breathe while running I end up absolutely gasping for air, I’ve looked at various breathing techniques and tried them while running but they don’t seem to help.

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Great for completing wk1. As for your breathing you will need to slow right down to a snails pace as is said on here😂. Everything will get better the more you run . If you feel the need to repeat wk1 that's ok but try week 2 at a much slower pace and see what happens . You can do this 😊😊

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jasmine98 in reply to Buddy34

Thank you! I’ll give it a go, I feel like if I’m going dead slow it’s more like bouncy walking than running haha 😂 and I think what’s the point?? But I’ll try my best, thank you!

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Buddy34Graduate in reply to jasmine98

Keep going as it gets better the feeling of running is amazing😊

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Slow right down, it doesn’t matter if your running speed is slower than your walking pace, get the breathing sorted first then you can pick up the pace. Check out the Japanese slow running technique, I found it very useful in the beginning



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jasmine98 in reply to jmd104

Thank you! I’ll check it out 😊

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and includes advice on breathing and many other topics.

Basically, you need to slow down until you can speak clear ungasping sentences as you run.

In respect of the mental approach to the plan, you may find this helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

Thank you! 😁

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Starting is the hardest part - so well done for that! You’re probably running too fast. Going from a brisk walk to a run meant I tried running faster than that - huge mistake!

I run using the Japanese slow jogging technique - it’s such a lovely pace the breathing sorts itself.


And you get all the benefits of running without the pain! I’ve lost over 5 inches from my waist and haven’t felt this strong, fit and healthy in years! Worth watching a few times to catch it all as it’s not just slow, but specific landing and stride & how to hold your head, back & arms. Hope it helps - I love it!! x

Aw Thank you! I’ll give it a try x

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Well done completing your first week. Have a go at week 2, you’ll find that it’ll be ok. Slow and steady is the key to getting through each run. If you don’t manage week 2, you can do another week 1 run. Nothing is set in stone and remember you’re still learning.

Thank you, that’s so encouraging 😊

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Well done for doing week one! Don’t be apprehensive, you’ll be fine - slow and steady, relax into it, follow the instructions. You can do it! 👏🏻

Thanks for the support! 😁😊

I have just completed week 2 and felt exactly the same as you before starting but I was surprised to find it a little bit easier than week 1 and quite enjoyed it. Give it a go!

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jasmine98 in reply to Apples22

Aw that’s good to know! Thanks! 😊

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I’m with you, I’ve just finished week one. I’m really really slow but reading other posts that doesn’t seem to matter. I’m starting week 2 tomorrow so I’ll see how I go running 90 seconds! I think just try week 2 I’m sure it will be ok.

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jasmine98 in reply to Pippa10

Good luck! Hope it goes well for you! I feel more confident about it now 😁

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DiscoRunnerGraduate in reply to Pippa10

Really really slow is fine! I graduated over six months ago and love slow running (posted s video of a specific technique in this thread earlier). The thing is to try and run at a pace that you can complete a run, and hopefully learn to enjoy it. You still get all the benefits!

Brilliant thank you! I’ll try it on my W2R1 run tomorrow!!

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Hello and congratulations on finishing week 1! It’s such a great step you’ve taken. Go straight to week 2 and if you can’t do one of the runs repeat it but I’m sure you’ll be great!

When I started I worried about rhythmic breathing and got in a complete twist about it. My advice, forget it. You’ll breath anyway:-) good luck

Thank you!! 😊

Congraulations on your first week. All the advice you have been given on this post is great. I stopped jogging two months ago - decided to have a break during the hot summer months and know that it is not going to be easy getting back on that jogging horse and know that even though I know I can get to 10k again the start is not going to be easy and it will take me weeks and weeks to achieve it again but I am going to be starting from the beginning of couch to 5k all over again as it is such a brilliant app and I am carrying extra weight from summer cake eating!!!. Don't give up - take it slow and keep going - you are gonna smash this.

Thank you!

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