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Pain in outer side of lower leg!

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I’m sure there is a name for this area of the leg but for now I’ll call it the outer side of the lower leg.

I really struggled today (week2run2) with the pain I had in this area on both legs. But as soon as I had stopped the pain stopped .

Does anyone else struggle with this?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Much as I don’t like internet powered self diagnosis, the above link is from experts when it comes to running injuries and contains lots of advice.

If the pain continues like this, go see a GP, or even better a sports physio.

Well done completing the runs. Go slow and gentle next time out and assess the issue.

No expert here! But I did get knee pain and shin splints on my first week! I ended up walking daily for a few weeks -which built up my stamina, muscles and endurance, before I went back on the program. Never had a problem since (except right now muscle pain from cycling of all things!).

If you think it's just aches, like the kinda soreness you get the day after gardening, then you will probably be ok and I would recommend some warm up and cool down stretches before and after the session.

Nothing to add to unfitnomore's advice really, except to say that I did experience something which sounds similar, but only on one leg; it only appeared when I ran, never got too bad, and it went away over time. The "do I run with this or give it a rest?" dilemma is a regular feature of my running. If I have a problem I take it really slowly to assess whether it is going to get worse; if it does, I stop the run straight away. Bound to be some aches and pains as you build up strength and fitness, just hard in the early stages to pick out the ones which mean you need a rest or treatment.💪💪

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