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It goes up and down like a roller coaster

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My first experience of C25K was horrible, as I hardly completed the first run...

Somehow I managed to survive the full force of week 1, I felt extremely elated...

I was always nervous about progressing, as I just about managed the 60 seconds of running....

BUT OH MY GOD... guys! I felt like I nearly died... like no literallly, I only survived 20 minutes of W2R1... I had a shocking pain in my inner calves... my legs felt like lead... I couldn’t finish... I normally work out after in the gym... but this time I just about managed to walk back to my car... I sat in my car, in extreme pain, I was considering calling my family to pick me up to take me home, as I didn’t feel I could drive.

I had a shower, was still shaking from the pain, and I just felt like crying, my momma rubbed some voltarol gel on my calves, got me a hot water bottle and tucked me up in bed... I cried... and now after that. I’m feeling slightly better

Why am I in such pain? Is it because I have a BMI of 36? Or is it because I’m on a calorie deficit diet?

I just can’t figure it out... even though I had this horrible experience... I am still determined to restart the run on the following day... but I think I’m doing something wrong... help please 😭🙏🏽

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No one here is qualified to give advice. Best thing would be see your doctor or visit a physio.

This said, I get calf problems and have found the following for mine:

1) They are related to fuelling:

On Sunday I moved back to University. I had an awful upset stomach and exam season. So both Sunday and Monday ate very little. This morning first run and my calves cramped in the first two minutes.

I know you say you are on a calorie restrict diet- and this is good- but maybe think about the time you run. Run with in a few hours of eating. You do not want to run empty.

2) They are worse if I do not warm up properly:

The podcasts only give us a five minute warm up walk. As I have got to longer runs , I discovered (and it was particularly evident this morning) this is not enough for me. I need a short 2-3 minute run interval as well. I did week 5 this morning (3x5 Mins) and as I said first run legs cramped- second they did not.

3) Stretching: I am convinced in part my problem is tight calves as one should be able to squat with feet flat on floor. I can not.

This said, if it hurts as much as implied it suggests a bigger problem that you need to see some one about. A bit of walking relieved my problem.

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