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W8r3 - first run after chest infection


Just after completing w8r2, I went down with the traditional end-of-term chest infection (it always seems to happen just in time for Christmas...). After almost a month off, I just completed w8r3!

Not knowing how my lungs would cope, I had planned to just head out on a short route and just see how I felt. After the usual first 5-minutes of feeling knackered I actually started to feel ok, so I carried on.

So run (and week 8) complete! My pace was a bit slower than the other two week 8 runs, but that’s not really surprising. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice last month :)

Looking forward to w9r1 - but not until the weekend!

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I remember the days well.... finish school.. get ill!

Well done you...keep it slow and keep it steady and enjoy your comeback!


Great run and that’s the best way to run the comeback run, no expectations but if it’s there it’s there! Well done. Enjoy your victory lap.

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