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Feeling frustrated with the scales


Trying so hard to eat healthy. Being so good, even over Christmas, but those scales are not budging (I mean they are, but really slowly!) Anyway, having walked dog and got really muddy I had nothing to wear to go out in, so as a last resort I dragged out a pair of jeans that I bought back in December and were too small but I hadn’t got round to taking back........ and they fit! So I’m done counting pounds! Going to count jeans sizes instead.

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Yeah don't worry too much about weight, clothes are a much better indicator! Well done on the progress. Slow and steady for weight loss as well as running pace ;-)


If you are losing any weight while doing C25k it is a bonus.......it is not a weight loss programme.......but as you have found you will tone up, lose inches and be fitter.

Forget the scales.

Oh, amazing feeling, isn’t it? Fitting into previously too small jeans! 🤗 it compares to a post-run high, just less sweaty....


I had the scales disagree with all other evidence a few years ago. I decided they needed recalibrating... so I took them out onto the patio and went to get some tools. One recalibration later (little tap with a sledgehammer) and they’ve never upset me since!

Your dropping sizes is not only an indication of progress, you know that it’s coming from increased exercise and so fitness and health are also up. We try to lose weight to be more healthy... and this plan is doing that job. Sure, you may need to work on weight, I don’t know how much you need to lose, but that can be addressed later. My only weigh in now is at my GP surgery when I have an appointment, so maybe once a year on average... I completed my weight loss journey without the constant pressure of the scales and I yo-yo within half a stone, which I really don’t care about.

UNM scale recalibration services available to all!

Happiness and self confidence are the most beautiful assets anyone can have. How you feel should be your first indicator and everything else is a long second.

What a great feeling! Well done. Yes, scales are slippery beasts. And have you seen the difference in size between a pound of fat and a pound of muscle? Google it and smile :)

PS. Had the most awkward compliment ever the other day. First, it was from my ex, second, the wording: ‘the tops of your thighs are looking slimmer’. 😳😬

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Haha lol! I have no contact with my ex but the kids do. Of course they tell him stuff and first off he laughed and said I wouldn’t keep it up, now he’s joined a gym! Running scared me thinks 😂🏃‍♀️

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Gawd. I guess our exes don’t tend to be our greatest advocates, or at best are reticent in their praise of us... But you are clearly an inspiration to him, E! 😉

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