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Started on Monday

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Hi, I have arthritis in my knees and feet, I have just recovered from a knee injury back in July. I have just done my 2nd ‘run’ of week 1 but my knee was not stable enough the first run so I felt a bit disheartened. Today I was brave and managed one 60 second hobble ha! I am not giving up so I guess my in between days from rinning will be strength training! Hey if I can do it anyone can!!

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Do make sure you have good running shoes (advice in guide) and you may find these knee strengthening exercises useful

Enjoy your journey.

Thanks great tips

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Doesn't matter how long it takes you the point is you're doing it good luck

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Well done getting out there. The knee strengthening exercises in the above reply really helped me. Enjoy your journey.

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Yes they look like ones my physio gave me which are great 👍

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