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Walking in the chilly sunshine

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didn't feel like running but I still moved my backside off the sofa and out for a walk in the cold air but nice sunshine. Had a great walk, took some photos I'm pleased with, did a total of 8.09k, which shows how far you can go when you're having a nice time.

On top of reuniting the Hippo of Randomness with their scarf (i took a pair of scissors and managed to cut it free - it's in the washing machine, it was dirtier than Hippo because it'd been out longer) I also found a fairly awesome keychain which is a bit rusted but I can replaced the rusted hoop which I have christened 'BatDog!' and once I've cleaned it up and replaced the actual ring of the keyring, I intend to gift it to my beloved MrPsycho to put on his backpack ^_^

All in all, a nice day. Oh and I found my New Year, New You-nicorn medal on the porch carpet, Mr Psycho missed it because the package was black so it blended in with the rig rather nicely lol

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Oh, well done you!! Definitely Hippo looks even cuter if that were possible with the scarf🧣!!! 🤩

That’s some walk 😄.

Aw Hippo looks so clean now. I know what you mean about toys - I don’t like seeing them strapped to the front of bin wagons. We are mad aren’t we??

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MrsPsychoGraduate in reply to jayval70

I just think it's a bit of a waste.

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What a happy hippo now he's reunited with his scarf - he'll need it in this weather!

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