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Run 8:3 and my second parkrun


Shaved two minutes off my time from last week and 62 behind me this time! Still not “enjoying “ the actual runs but loving the sense of achievement and how my mood is lifted for days afterward. Not exactly hating the new flat tum and pert bum either 😂 8 weeks ago I struggled with 60 seconds. This course is amazing 😉 looking forward to enjoying the runs as I’m doing them 👍

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Well done Amanda! You've got this now. Enjoy your victory lap thar is week 9.

😸 Katnap 😸

Thank you x i will try to enjoy 😘


The enjoyment will come! I felt the same whilst doing the programme as every run was hard. Once you start consolidating it becomes easier, till one day you'll realise it's fun!

ForestGrump63Graduate in reply to Tartancat

Thank you x

Well done! You are very brave, doing Park Runs in week 7/8! I’m at the beginning of week 6 and don’t feel anywhere near ready 🥵


If you are not enjoying your running, the chances are you are pushing too hard.

Can you speak clear ungasping sentences as you run? If not, you are going too fast.

Running hard all the time is the sign of an inexperienced runner.

Keep the pushing for parkrun and relax and enjoy your others.

ForestGrump63Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I seem to enjoy it less the slower I go. Ran at 9.6 mins/km a few weeks back and hated it. I’ve no one to speak to as I run so not sure about that but my breathing is ok throughout

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to ForestGrump63

Running slowly is an acquired skill, which is employed by elite athletes to build stamina, running at an easy conversational pace for upntob80% of their running time.

It gives you the opportunity to look around and appreciate your environment.

ForestGrump63Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

My brisk walk is 9.6 mins/km

ForestGrump63Graduate in reply to ForestGrump63

I don’t see the point in running slower that I walk? I’m a nurse, walking quickly is almost part of the jd. 😂

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