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One year on 😊


A year ago today at 66, I started Couch to 5K, on 23rd February I graduated! After a few consolidation runs I entered my first parkrun, today at 67 I completed my 14th! I won't pretend it's easy but ... what a sense of achievement... and, as many have said before, I genuinely couldn't have done it without the inspiration of this forum so, a very big THANK YOU and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all 🎉🎉

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Great work R66 ! Always encouraging to hear of graduates still having fun on the run 😄


Happy new year, and thanks for sharing... what a year you had... I wish you many more happy parkruns in 2019.

That's great to hear, sounds like you've got the parkrun bug! Can I ask, how often do you run? I can't manage 3 time a week, but I want to run parkruns fairly regularly. Just wondering what other, um, veterans 😁 manage!

Runner66Graduate in reply to grumpyoldgirl

I try 3 a week but only usually manage 2 😊

Thanks for replying, I think that sounds about right for me too, although I have managed to not run at all this week, for no good reason, so I'll save the park run for another week I think, when I'm back on track .


Thanks for sharing this. I was actually getting a little concerned at the number of posts from people saying that they were doing this program for a second or third time. I was staring to think that the majority of people just complete the plan and then give up only to do it again a few years later and that is not what I want. Whilst I have no plans to run a marathon, or probably not even a half marathon, I would like to continue running otherwise this all seems a bit pointless. Thanks for showing me that it is possible 🙌🏻

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